Midget Throwers Take Medals At Hershey Youth Regional Series

Royal City Midget girls, Brianna Bates and Jeneviève Patry-Smith, competed in the Athletics Canada Hershey Youth Regional Series on July 25th and 26th as part of their road to the Legion Youth Championships being held in Quebec in August. The girls finished 3rd and 2nd respectively in the Javelin competition on Saturday afternoon. Earlier in the day, Jeneviève also took home a silver medal in the shot put with a throw of 11.19m.


Cross Country Training season starts September 2 for all competitive athletes

All RCTFC competitive athletes who trained and competed during 2105 as members of Royal City Track and Field Club are invited to participate in the Cross Country Running Program at no extra cost.

The first practice is Wednesday, September 2, 2015.

Who is it for?

  • RCTFC Competitive athletes aged 9 and up


For ages 9 and up:

  • Cariboo Park, Burnaby
  • Mondays and Wednesdays from 530-645pm

Additional practice for ages 13 (2002) and older ONLY!:

  • Thursday practice at Cariboo Secondary school gravel track from 6-7:15pm.

RCTFC athletes tough it out in Kamloops heat for big wins at Champs

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Congratulations to all Royal City Track and Field Club Junior Development athletes who persevered through sweltering conditions at the JD Championships in Kamloops to win medals, ribbons, top 8 and personal best performances.

Top 8 Highlights from the meet included:

9 year olds:

  • trio of medals for Noah Brolin with Gold in shot put and Bronze in 60m and 100m
  • Bronze in 60m hurdles, 4th in 60m, 600m and high jump, 5th in long jump, 6th in shot put and 100m for Marcus Savela!

11 year olds:

  • Gold in 600m and Silver in 1000m for Emily Bowles
  • 4th in 600m, 5th in 1000m and 8th in high jump and javelin for Monika Arcadi
  • 6th place in long jump for Paige Deedman out of a whopping 26 competitors
  • 8th place in 800m for Kate Bowles

13 year olds:

  • Silver in javelin and 4th in pole vault for Lauryn Savela
  • 5th in 800m and 6th in 1200m for Elizabeth Bowles
  • 7th in 800m and 8th in 1200m for Emma Dolman
  • 8th in high jump and javelin for Emma Celle
  • 7th in 300m for Lauren Sidhu
  • Silver medal performance for the 1200m Sprint Relay Team for the 13 year old girls!

Congratulations to all Royal City athletes who accomplished personal best performances at the meet! That is a great way to end the season!

Special mention to Kate Bowles and Monika Arcadi who paired with 2 Prince George athletes for the relay to win Bronze, also to Katherine Martin and Marcus Savela for their personal best performances in high jump (Marcus also in 60m hurdles that accomplished his bronze medal) and finally to Emma Dolman for her personal best performances in both 80 and 200m hurdles!

Big thank you to all the Royal City Track and Field Club coaches for their time and dedication over the weekend coaching these great kids in their events!

RCTFC athlete wins Bronze at JD Pentathlon Championships


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Congratulations to 11 year old Cameron Dewith who won the Bronze medal at the JD Pentathlon Championships in Chilliwack July 10-11, and also to the other 10 Royal City Track and Field Club JD athletes who showed strength and determination in their competition over the weekend!

Dewith scored a total of 1895 points for his Bronze medal win which included a first in the 60m hurdles, 2nd place in high jump and long jump and 6th in his 600m run.

In the 10 year old category, Nicole Blatherwick competed to a total of 813 points during the pent competition which included 5th for 60m hurdles and 8th for shot put and 600m.

For 11 year olds, Monika Arcadi took 8th place overall with points totaling 1528–she won 5th in 600m and 4th in high jump; Emily Bowles accomplished 1349 points which included a highlight of 1st place in the 600m and 2nd place in her long jump section; Kate Bowles tallied up 852 points with 5th in her section of 60m hurdles and 7th in the 600m run; Charlotte Taylor scored 964 points total; Kaitlyn Biedka won 403 points; and Paige Deedman accomplished 1317 points for a 4th in her section of 60m hurdles and 3rd in long jump for her flight.

In the eldest category at the meet, 13 year old Elizabeth Bowles won 8th place overall with 1815 points, which included a 3rd place finish in the 800m; Emma Celle tallied up 1776 points (10th place overall) with a strong 5th place finish in long jump (jumped 3.92m) and 8th in the 800m run; and Emma Dolman scored 1706 points (12th place overall) for her 5th place 800m run and 7th in high jump.

Well done everyone and congratulations to everyone for personal best performances accomplished at this demanding multi-event meet!

8 Medals(including Gold)for Royal City athletes at Provincial Jamboree!


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At the BC Athletics Jamboree in Nanaimo where athletes aged 14 and older compete against athletes from all over the province, 11 of Royal City Track and Field Club athletes represented the club at this provincial meet winning a total of 8 medals, including Grace Fetherstonhaugh’s Gold medal win in the 2000m!

Congratulations to Lauren Vanee, Prachi Braambhatt, Emily Chilton, Grace Fetherstonhaugh, Taylor Morrison, Brianna Bates, Jenevieve Patry-Smith, Jack Foster, Finnley Cookson, Max Jones and Jeremy Belcher for their performances on the track and in the field events over the weekend which included numerous personal bests, top 8 finishes and medal wins.

Highlights included: pbs noted!

On the Track:

  • Grace Fetherstonhaugh won Gold in the 2000m (pb-6:35:75) and Bronze in the 1200m (pb-3:38:44)
  • Emily Chilton won 4th in the 800m (pb-2:19:99) and 10th in the 400m
  • Taylor Morrison won Bronze in the 1500m racewalk
  • Finnley Cookson won 9th in the 800m (pb-2:12:81) and 10th in the 1200m
  • Max Jones won 5th in 200m hurdles (pb-31:72) and 7th in 100m hurdles
  • Jeremy Belcher won 6th in 200m hurdles (32:23)

Field Events:

  • Lauren Vanee won Bronze in javelin
  • Finnley Cookson won Bronze in pole vault (pb-2.30m)
  • Max Jones won 4th in pole vault (pb-2.30m)
  • Jenevieve Patry-Smith won Silver in discus and javelin, 5th in shot put (pb-10.95m) and 7th in hammer
  • Brianna Bates won 4th in javelin and 5th in pole vault
  • Jack Foster won Bronze in Triple Jump (pb-11.55m), 5th in high jump, 6th in shot put and 8th in long jump

A huge thank you to all the coaches for your time, dedication and commitment to the athletes! It was a great weekend with excellent performances and lots of fun! We look forward to next season!

Strong performances by Royal City pent athletes at Championships

RCTFC athlete Devin Strome wins the Bronze Medal at Provincial Midget Pentathlon Championships

RCTFC athlete Devin Strome (far right) wins the Bronze Medal at Midget Pentathlon Provincial Championships

On July 4-5 alongside the Trevor Craven meet, two Royal City Track and Field Club athletes pushed through a day of events including shot put, high jump, hurdles, a middle distance run and long jump to compete against stiff competition for wins in the Midget Pentathlon Provincial Championships.

Congratulations to Royal City Track and Field Club’s Devin Strome who took the bronze medal for the midget girls competition and to teammate Jack Foster who took 4th place in the midget boys’ category!

Highlights within the multi event competition included: Strome’s personal best performances in high jump (1.57m), shot put (9.45) and long jump (4.62) and Foster’s performances in 100m hurdles (2nd place with 16.31), shot put (2nd place with a throw of 10.78m) and long jump (5.27).

Royal City athletes win 32 medals at Trevor Craven meet

Kate Javelin

Katherine Martin competes in javelin

Royal City Track and Field Club athletes medaled well at the recent Trevor Craven meet, hosted by the Norwesters at Swangard Stadium in Burnaby July 4-5.

Overall, 22 athletes turned out to compete from RCTFC: 32 medals were won and more than 50 top 8 performances were accomplished at the meet.

Top 8 Highlights included:

In the 16-17 year olds: Lauren Vanee won gold in javelin and bronze in 400m hurdles and Emily Chilton won gold in the 800m!

For 14-15 year olds: Grace Fetherstonhaugh won gold in the 1500m steeplechase and silver in the 1200m; Jenevieve Patry-Smith won gold in javelin, silver in shot put and bronze in hammer throw; Brianna Bates won silver in javelin; Emma Stewart-Barnett won 7th in long jump; Finnley Cookson won gold in the 2000m, silver in pole vault and 8th in 300m; Shea Janke won silver in 2000m and bronze in 1200m; Gavin Fan won 4th in 1200m and 5th in 800m and Max Jones won gold in pole vault, 4th in 200m hurdles and 6th in long jump.

In the 13 year old category: Lauryn Savela won gold in pole vault and silver in javelin; Sabine Girt won silver in 1200m, bronze in 800m and 6th in 80m hurdles; Emma Dolman won bronze in 1200m and 4th in 800m and 5th in 200m hurdles and Lauren Sidhu won 5th in 300m.

For 12 year olds: Riley Storms took bronze for the 200m, 6th for 800m and 7th for 80m hurdles and Hannah Sidhu won 4th for 300m and 7th for 200m.

For 11 year olds: Katelyn Stewart-Barnett won silver in 1200m and 800m, bronze in high jump and 4th in long jump and javelin and Cameron Dewith won bronze for 1000m, 4th for 60m hurdles and 5th for long jump.

In the 9 and 10 year old categories: Nicole Blatherwich won a pair of bronze medals in shot put and 60m hurdles and gold in javelin; Katherine Martin won silver in high jump and javelin and 5th in long jump; Kenan Burrows won 5th in 600m and 7th in shot put and Markus Savela took silver for 600m and long jump, bronze for 100m and 5th in shot put!

Trio of RCTFC athletes compete to win at Kelowna meet

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Congratulations to RCTFC athletes Jeremy Belcher, Lauryn Savela and Markus Savela who travelled to Kelowna to compete at the Jack Brow meet June 27-28.

Highlights included Lauryn Savela’s silver medal wins in pole vault and javelin and Markus Savela’s gold medal in long jump, silver medal in 60m hurdles and bronze medals in 60m dash, 600m, high jump and 100m.

Full meet results can be viewed here:


RCTFC athlete tops meet with Team BC standard in javelin

Brianna competes in javelin.

Brianna competes in javelin.

Royal City Track and Field Club turned out 21 athletes to compete at the first ever  Universal Club Track and Field Meet held at Bear Creek Park, June 27-28. The RCTFC athletes produced over 50 top 8 performances and won 23 medals.

Royal City Track and Field Club athlete Brianna Bates (15 years old) topped the meet with her 38.38 throw in javelin which won her the gold medal and also accomplished meeting a Team BC standard to put her in the running for earning a spot with Team BC when they travel to Nationals in August.

Other meet highlights included:

  • Grace Fetherstonhaugh- gold medal in the 2000m for 14-15 year old girls
  • Jack Foster’s gold medal in triple jump and bronze in high jump for 14-15 boys
  • Finnley Cookson- pair of silver medals for the 1200m and 800m for 14-15 year old boys
  • Shea Janke-silver medal in 2000m and bronze in 1200m for 14-15 boys
  • Max Jones’-silver medal for 200m hurdles for 14-15 boys
  • Elizabeth Bowles’-trio of silver medals for 100m, 1200m and 800m and bronze in shot put for 13 year old girls
  • Emma Dolman’s pair of bronze medals for 200m hurdles and 80m hurdles
  • Emily Bowles-gold medal in 600m and silver for 1000m
  • Monika Arcadi’s bronze medal for 1000m
  • Paige Deedman’s silver medal for long jump (11 year old girls)
  • Kate Bowles’ bronze medal in long jump
  • Noah Duke’s silver medal in 1000m for 10 year old boys
  • Noah Brolin’s gold in 60m and silver in 100m for 9 year old boys

Congratulations to all RCTFC athletes for personal best performances at the meet!

All results can be viewed at the following link: