Track and field meets can be overwhelming and confusing to new members. Don’t worry, we will help you. Ask lots of questions; talk to parents that have been through it already. We are a friendly group that is always willing to assist. We have also decided to put together this handbook and list of frequently asked questions section to help provide you with valuable information.

What is a track meet?

A track meet is a one, two, or three-day event that takes place rain or shine at a stadium or outdoor track. Meets generally take place at the club or school that is hosting the meet. The meet host will send out details about the meet to clubs in advance. Meet information will be distributed to our club members.

What is a track event?

Any event that takes place on the track surface is a track event. This includes sprints, hurdles, middle distance, distance, relays, race walks and steeplechase.

What is a field event?

A field event is any event that takes place off the track on areas surrounding the track, such as throws and jumps. Events such as javelin, discus, shotput, long jump, high jump, triple jump, or pole vault are considered field events.

Can my child compete in all events?

The events your child can compete in are determined by their age. Refer to the “BC Athletics Track & Field Events by Age Class” page included in this manual.

How do we register our child for a meet?

A couple weeks in advance of the meet’s deadline date our Meets Manager will email out the meets package to all families. Please see the instructions on how to register your child on pages 15-17 of this handbook.

What is a BC Athletics number?

Each registered athlete will receive a card from BC Athletics with a designated number. This number is used for identification and tracking of the athlete. The athlete carries the same number through their entire athletic career. If you do not know your BCA number, please check the label on you’re the front of your handbook or contact our registrar.

What does a track meet cost?

Each track meet has a per event charge that varies meet by meet.  Typically they run $7-$10 per event.  Please see the various meet registration package for details. Once you’d decided which events to participate in you will register and pay online using Trackiereg as described on pages 15-17 of this handbook.

When I get to a meet, what do I do?

Locate the person assigned by the club to pick up our meet package. Pick up your meet participant number and attach it to your Royal City Track singlet. Check the area where the event information is set up to determine the event locations and starting times for each one. Find out where the events are being marshaled. Listen to the P.A. system, and when your age group is called make your way to the marshalling area. Events are allowed to run 30 minutes early, but many times run late. You will have to keep tabs on how events are being run throughout the day.

What do you mean by ‘being marshalled’?

This is where all the athletes that are competing in a specific event gather together before the event.

When should an athlete arrive at the track?

An athlete should arrive at least one hour before his/her event is scheduled to start.

What happens if I have a conflicting track event and field event?

This scenario happens often, and sometimes you need to make a choice on what event you would prefer to compete in and scratch the other one. Officials will not generally hold up a field event for a track event unless they are ahead of schedule. This is a track and field reality and changing meet schedules may not allow you to compete in all the events you wanted to. In many situations, you may be able to check in and get one attempt in at the field event, then run your track event and return to the field event. At this point, you may have missed a round, but may be able to get back in at the round they are currently running. It is a long season and you will have plenty of time to participate in events.

What is an official?

Officials are those dedicated souls who volunteer their time and effort, and try to make sure that events are run on time and are judged fairly. Meet officials are volunteers and are giving up their weekends so that your children can enjoy the track and field experience.

Do events run on time?

More often than not, NO! The number of athletes competing is the major reason that events run behind the scheduled time. It is not unusual to have 20 or more athletes waiting to compete in the Long jump. When you consider that each athlete gets three jumps, each jump needs to be measured, and the pit raked each time, you realize how time consuming this can be. In some instances, events can be run up to 30 minutes ahead of time – listen carefully for announcements at the meet. 

What should I take to a meet?

Athletes: Your RCTFC uniform, spikes, running shoes, blankets, chairs, umbrellas, a change of clothing, a healthy picnic lunch and snacks, water, sun screen, hat, extra socks, Band-Aids and a positive attitude!  You may want to consider carrying replacement 7mm spikes in case you lose any during the meet as these can occasionally loosen from the bottom of the shoes.
Parents: A camera, weather appropriate gear and your athletes record sheet.

Do I have to attend all meets?

See the ‘JD Meets and Coaching Expectations’ and the ‘2018 Club Supported Track Meets Sections’ of this handbook

What is a BC Athletics Award?

At the end of the year, BC Athletics hosts a banquet to recognize those athletes that have had outstanding performances during the season. These awards are based on meeting BC Athletics Standards which are reviewed and adjusted as necessary from year to year.

What about the RCTFC? Is there recognition for outstanding performances?

Yes. The Club encourages athletes to always strive for THEIR PERSONAL BEST (“PB”). At the end of the season, usually in November, we host a banquet and recognize many of our athletes for their outstanding results, effort and attitude.

What is the best advice that I can give my child who is just starting?

Emphasize development, not winning or losing. The top runners in the world are in their late twenties and early thirties – think of all the years you have to develop. Think of the positive aspects of running; being outdoors, having a healthy heart and lungs, and running can be a lifelong skill. Enjoy and have fun!

Are the fees paid to RCTFC eligible for the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit?

Yes, the annual fees qualify for the Fitness Tax Credit for children under 16 years of age.  A tax receipt will be issued during the track season if requested.  Please contact our registrar to obtain a tax receipt.

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