Competition Meets

There are many track meets through the training season available to our competition athletes.

Our club coaches support attendance at particular meets that suit our training plans for our athletes. In support of these meets, we provide a club duty coach to assist our athletes at these meets. There are some elementary school track meets in the early part of the season that your elementary school may be participating in. These are NON club supported meets. If you choose to compete at these meets, you must do so as a representative of your school. If your school is not attending and you wish to participate, please speak with your coach.

As you have expectations from your coaches in training, coaches also have expectations in meet participation. If you are a Track Rascal our expectation is for you to have a lot of fun, learn some new skills and to attend our club wind-up mini meet. An added bonus for Rascals is some of the JD meets have a track rascal competition that you may want to participate in.

If you are a JD athlete, the expectation is for you to compete! It is in competition that you can sharpen the skills that you have been training and developing at practices. Below is a reference guideline of the coaches’ expectations for a minimum base level of competition participation:

  • ages 9, 10, 11 – be in 3 track meets with one of them being a championship meet
  • age 12- be in 4 track meets with one of them being a championship meet
  • age 13- be in 4 track meets and a championship meet

Optional meets should be taken as training opportunities or the chance to enter in events not typically entered. It is not recommended to attend all meets.

You can view all current years’ meets on the meet calendar on the BC Athletics website at:

Athletes and their parents should consult their coaches about which trackmeets and events they should be encouraged to compete in.

You can also find a list of club supported meets in your club handbook.

*Please note that parents are responsible for registering their athlete for track meet competitions. Detailed instructions about meet registration are also found in the club handbook.