RCTFC JD Athletes compete at BC JD Pentathlon Championships!

Congratulations to the 22 RCTFC JD athletes who competed at the 2019 BC JD Pentathlon Championships in Surrey on July 13.

Esha Basi, Emily Forsyth, Nova Peters, Mahea Terepocki Grant, Elizabeth Blatherwick, Amara Chiang, Mia Gracia, Maiysa Montakhab, Olivia Robinson, Abby Brolin, Maresa Loconte, Ellie Yong, Zehra Ali, Indira Chiang, Nathalie Flood, Lishan Melles-Hewitt, Lorenzo Loconte, Benjamin Mackinnon, Ethen Morrow, Nathan Sedore, Marek Laga and Matthew Terepocki Grant are all to be congratulated on a job well done!

Highlights on the podium include:

  • Ellie Yong’s Silver for 12 year old girls
  • Mia Gracia’s Bronze for 10 year old girls

Notable mention goes out to Amara Chiang. At the start of the 600m race she and another runner fell at the start, Amara got up, dusted herself off and restarted in her heat again! Gutsy performance!

Full results can be found at the below link:


RCTFC athletes represent well and bring home 17 medals at the BC Championships!

Congratulations to the 20 RCTFC athletes who competed at the 2019 BC Athletics Track & Field Championship Jamboree in Kamloops July 5-7.

The athletes took home a total of 17 medals and in addition to the medals, there were also 14 top 8 performances.  All athletes should be very proud of their performances and personal bests this past weekend along with all the hard work it took to get there.

Top 8 & Medal performances included:

U20 Category

  • Jarrett Chong won Gold in javelin and Silver in shot put
  • JV Patry-Smith won Gold in javelin and Silver in shot put
  • Ryan Roberts won Bronze in 5000m
  • Jeremy Belcher won 4th in 100m and 6th in 200
  • Grace Fetherstonhaugh won 6th in 800m


U18 Category

  • Isabella Brunoro won Gold in 2000m steeple chase, Silver in 3000m and 4th in 1500m
  • Zuzanna Liniewski won Gold in hammer
  • Ella Foster won Silver in pole vault
  • Lauryn Savela won Silver in javelin
  • Ryan Goudron won Bronze in 2000m steeple chase and Bronze in 400m
  • Jaden Knight won Bronze in javelin
  • Hannah Vorell won 4th in 400m and 8th in 200m


U16 Catergory:

  • Kairo Chiang won Gold in 100mH, Gold in triple jump and 4th in pole vault
  • Levi Tuura won Gold in high jump and 5th in pentathlon
  • Monika Arcadi won Bronze in pentathlon and 6th in 1500m steeple chase
  • Robin Rohu won 4th in 80mH, 5th in 300mH and 8th in long jump
  • Lindsay Goudron won 4th in discus and 7th in shot put


Congratulations as well to Constanine Georgas, Henry Ruckman-Utting and Johari Dixon for their performances in a tough field of competitors.

As well, after injury to 2 RCTFC athletes we were still able to put together an unattached 4 x 100m relay team with 2 of our athletes; Jeremy Belcher and Kairo Chiang who would take the Gold medal for the win.  


A huge thank you to the coaches who came out to the Jamboree to support the athletes.  Both parents and athletes appreciate all the time, effort, words of wisdom and encouragement you provide!

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Overall was a great weekend!  Rain, wind and sun along with friendship and laughter!

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Full results can be found at the below link:


Kate brings home the GOLD medal for Canada!

Congratulations to Katelyn Stewart-Barnett who competed at the 2019 NACAC Championships in Queretaro, Mexico July 5-7. 

Kate represented both Royal City Track & Field Club and TEAM CANADA in the 2000m steeple chase and with a commanding lead won the Gold medal.

Congratulations on an outstanding performance!

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Full results can be found at the below link:


RCTFC athletes perform well at the Trevor Craven Memorial Track and Field Meet

Congratulations to all athletes who competed at the Trevor Craven meet in Burnaby from June 21-23. RCTFC athletes take home another 77 medals across all age groups!  In addition to the medals many athletes set a number of PB’s, which is a huge accomplishment!


9 Year Olds: Lorenzo Loconte Gold 600m, Gold 1000m, Silver Long Jump, Bronze 60mH ~ Emily Forsyth Silver 1000m ~ Esha Basi Silver Shot Put ~ Aashni Patel Bronze 60m ~ Athena Balcar Bronze 1000m ~ Avani Kaila Bronze Shot Put

10 Year Olds: Benjamin MacKinnon Gold Shot Put, Silver 60mH, Silver Long Jump, Bronze Discus, Bronze High Jump ~ Maiysa Montakhab Gold Shot Put, Bronze Javelin, Bronze High Jump ~ Desmond Schiebler Gold 1000m, Silver 600m ~ Olivia Robinson Silver 60m, Silver 100m ~ Chloe Carlson Silver Discus

11 Year Olds: Talia Phangura Gold Shot Put, Gold Discu ~ Jackson Schiebler Gold 600m, Gold 1000m ~ Maresa Loconte Silver Javelin, Bronze 600m, Bronze Shot Put, Bronze Discus ~ Nathan Vorell Silver 1000m, Bronze High, Jump Bronze 600m

12 Year Olds: Ellie Yong Gold Long Jump, Silver 200m, Silver 200mH, Bronze 300m, Bronze 80mH ~ Julian Lauritzen Silver 1200m ~ Manny Montakhab Bronze Shot Put, Bronze Discus ~ Patrick Dwan Bronze Javelin

13 Year Olds: Indira Chiang Gold Triple Jump, Silver Pole Vault, Bronze High Jump ~ Nathalie Flood Gold Pole Vault, Bronze 300m ~ Indiya Sahota Silver Triple Jump ~ Max Holmes Bronze 1200m

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U16: Kairo Chiang Gold 100mH, Gold Triple Jump, Silver Pole Vault ~ Cameron Dewith Gold 300m, Silver 1500mSC ~ Levi Tuura Gold High Jump, Bronze Long Jump ~ Robin Rohu Silver 80mH, Silver Long Jump, Bronze 300mH ~ Lindsay Goudron Bronze Shot Put, Bronze Discus ~ Noah Duke Bronze Pole Vault

U18: Katelyn Stewart-Barnett Gold 800m, Gold 2000mSC ~ Ryan Goudron Gold 400m, Gold 1500m ~ Jaden Knight Gold Javelin ~ Isabella Brunoro Silver 1500m, Silver 2000mSC ~ Ella Foster Silver Pole Vault ~ Zuzanna Liniewski Silver Hammer  ~ Hannah Vorell Bronze 400m ~ Kaitlyn Hanger Bronze Shot Put

U20: JV Patry-Smith Gold Javelin ~ Ryan Roberts Silver 1500m

Masters: Kevin Smith Gold Pole Vault, Silver Javelin

Full results from the track meet can be found at the following link:


RCTFC athletes compete at Langley Invitational and take home 26 medals!

Congratulations to all athletes who competed at the Langley Invitational from June 14-16.  

The athletes won in multiple events and great work to everyone for their personal bests, medals and superb efforts.


Kaitlyn Hanger Bronze Hammer


Lauryn Savela Gold Javelin

Zuzanna Liniewski Silver Hammer


Robin Rohu Bronze Long Jump and Bronze 300mH

Cameron Dewith Bronze 300mH

Kairo Chiang Bronze Pole Vault

Levi Tuura Silver High Jump


Esha Basi Bronze Shot Put


Benjamin MacKinnon Gold Shot Put, Gold Discus, Silver 60mH, Silver Long Jump and 

Bronze High Jump 

Jacob Billard Bronze Javelin

Elizabeth Blatherwick Silver Javelin

Hope Blatherwick Bronze Javelin


Talia Phangura Gold Discus


Julian Lauritzen Bronze Long Jump

Ellie Yong Gold 200mH and Silver Long Jump


Lishan Melles-Hewitt Bronze 800m

Nathalie Flood Gold Pole Vault

Indira Chiang Silver Pole Vault

Nolan Bryan Bronze 2000m


Ella Foster Silver Pole Vault

Full results from the track meet can be found at the following link:


Four RCTFC athletes take part in Pacific Distance Carnival

Congratulations to our distance runners who competed in the Pacific Distance Carnival on June 13 at Swanguard Stadium in Burnaby.  The event featured several heats of the 1500m, a 5000m ‘Chase the Pace’ event and ended with the Canadian 10,000m National Championships.

Ryan Goudron and Henry Ruckman-Utting each competed in the 1500m and Even Beckers and Ryan Roberts each competed in the 5000m.

Royal City Athlete to Represent Canada

Athletics Canada announces athletes selected to represent Canada!

Katelyn Stewart-Barnett will represent Canada at the 2019 NACAC U18 Championships in the 2000m Steeplechase to be held in Queretaro, Mexico July 5-7.

Alumni Grace Fetherstonhaugh will represent Canada at the 2019 Pan American U20 Championships in the 3000m Steeplechase to be held in San Jose, Costa Rica July 19-21.

Huge congratulations to both athletes!

RCTFC Athletes Perform Well at Jesse Bent

Congratulations to all RCTFC athletes who competed at the Jesse Bent Track Meet on June 8 and 9.  All athletes are to be congratulation for their own personal best performances!

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Medal Highlights from the meet include:


  Jarret Chong Gold in Javelin

  Jeremy Belcher Bronze in 100m


  Lauryn Savela Gold in Javelin

  Kate Stewart-Barnett Gold in 2000m Steeplechase and Silver in 3000m

  Evan Beckers Silver in 3000m


  Levi Tuura Silver in High Jump

  Kairo Chiang Silver in 100mH, Bronze in Long Jump and Bronze in Triple Jump 

  Cameron Dewith Bronze in 1500m Steeplechase

13 Year Olds

  Indira Chiang tied for Gold in Pole Vault and Bronze in Triple Jump

  Nathalie Flood tied for Gold in Pole Vault

  Maiysa Montakhab Gold in Discus

  Mballany Kambidi Gold in 200m and Silver in 100m

  Lishan Melles-Hewitt Bronze in 800m

12 Year Olds

  Manny Montakhab Gold in Shot Put

  Julian Lauritzen Bronze in Javelin

  Ellie Yong Gold in 200mH, Gold in Long Jump, Silver in 100m, Silver in 200m, Bronze in 300m

  Emily Forsyth Bronze in 1000m

11 Year Olds

  Nathan Vorell Bronze in 1000m

  Talia Phangura Gold in Shot Put and Silver in Discus

  Ava Forsyth Silver in 1000m

  Maresa Loconte Silver in Javelin

10 Year Olds

   Benjamin MacKinnon Silver in Shot Put and Bronze in Long Jump

   Aria Devji Silver in High Jump and Silver in Javelin

   Amara Chiang Gold in Shot Put

9 Year Olds

  Lorenzo Loconte Gold in 1000m, Gold in 600m, Bronze in Shot Put and Bronze in Long Jump

  Emily Forsythe Gold in Shot Put

  Esha Basi Silver in Shot Put

  Annika Jessome Silver in 1000m

Full results from the track meet can be found at the following link:https://files.trackie.com/uploads/results/2019JesseBentResultsJune09.pdf

RCTFC athletes push hard at Portland Track Festival

Congratulations to both Ryan Goudron and Henry Ruckman-Utting who ventured to the Lewis & Clark College to compete in the Portland Track Festival among a field of experienced and elite athletes. 

They competed in the 2000m Steeplechase High School event where Ryan finished in 1stplace and Henry in 5thplace and both set a PB! 

As well, alumni Grace Fetherstonhaugh was there and competed in the 3000m Steeplechase.

Full results can be viewed at this link, which includes final times as well as splits for all competitors.