Coaching Staff


Royal City Track and Field Club is a volunteer run club. We are the only track club in our community where all of our dedicated coaches are volunteers. This has allowed RCTFC to maintain fees that are the lowest in the province while providing exceptional coaching to all our athletes. We have the largest number of qualified coaches in any single club in our community, offering training in all disciplines – runs, jumps and throws.

Head Coach & Technical Director

  •  Cristina Weir (pole vault)

Senior Coaches

  • Kevin Smith (throws: javelin, discus, shot put, hammer)
  • Jason Delesalle (JD’s, throws: javelin, discus, shot put)
  • Yolande Gaymes (JD’s, sprints, hurdles)
  • Mikaela Barnes (middle distance)
  • Alex Bouzane (JD’s, horizontal jumps)
  • Jeremy Belcher (sprints, conditioning)

JD Coaches

  • Andrew Robinson
  • Jude Talbot
  • Christina Heslop
  • Monika Arkadi

Track Rascal Coaches

  • Margaret Stewart, Head Rascals Coach
  • Ian Coutts

RCTF sponsors coaching training clinics through BC Athletics for parents that are interested in becoming involved with coaching at our club. Please contact our head coach if you would like more information on becoming a coach.