Parent’s involvement is vital to the success of the program and participation is expected in the following areas.

  • To give encouragement and positive support to athletes
  • To ensure that athletes are at training sessions on time
  • To help in set-up and tear-down of track and equipment at practices
    • Go to links below to sign-up for set-up and tear-down
  • To register their athletes for track meet events using the TrackieReg system
  • To ensure that athletes attend all meets and be at the event location at least one hour before the start of his/her event
  • To assist in organizing and supporting club fundraising activities
  • To participate in the administrative aspects of the club as required
  • To attend and participate in club organized training clinics as required
  • To attend the Annual General Meeting


The following are essential for those athletes wishing to be successful.

  • To attend training sessions regularly and be punctual
  • To prepare mentally and physically for both practice and competitions
  • To enter as many track meets as reasonably possible
  • To wear the club’s uniform at all times when competing
  • To keep a record of their results from each track and field meet
  • To conduct themselves in such a manner as to be a credit to the club

Volunteer Sign-up for Track/Equipment Set-up & Take Down

The club needs your help for track & equipment set-up and take down. We need MANY volunteers for track, pole vault and high jump set up and take down.  Having the equipment out and put away for our VOLUNTEER coaches is important so practice can start on time. All parents are expected to volunteer unless payment was made to op-out at the start of the season. 

For June 2022 – Please have a look at the links below and sign up.

JD Track Practice Set Up and Take Down (Mercer)

Every Tues & Thurs – Set up at 5:20-5:30pm; Take down at 7:00-7:15pm

For track set-up: Please head to the area of the track just in front of the equipment shed and gather around the Number 1 at the end of the track so Coach Cristina and the other coaches can find you.

For track take down: Please return to the track by 7pm and gather the equipment you had set up earlier.  The only thing that DOES NOT get taken down are the cones and signs on the track indicating RCTFC have lanes 1-6 (the senior athletes practice after the JDs)


High Jump and Pole Vault Practice (Mercer)

Set Up at 5:15-5:30pm and Take Down at 7:00-7:15pm

For high jump (Tues & Thurs): Requires help for BOTH set up and take down and requires 3 parent volunteers.  It would be helpful to volunteer for multiple Tuesdays in a row or multiple Tuesday and Thursdays in a row (whatever may work best for you) so that it becomes easier and faster.

For pole vault (Thursdays only): This is a physical job and therefore will require 4-5 parent volunteers.  Only pole vault set-up is required (take down is NOT required as the senior athletes practice after the JDs).  Pole vault ONLY runs on Thursdays.  Consider signing up for multiple Thursdays, as able, to make set up become smoother and faster.