Track Rascals

The Track Rascals program is for children from 6 to 8 years old and focusses on the basics of running, jumping and throwing. Track Rascals is the presentation of the Athletics Canada RunJumpThrow (RJT) program.

RJT is the grassroots development program for athletics. This FUNdamentals program teaches the skills of running, jumping and throwing and the technical skill progressions for track and field events. It is designed for boys and girls ages 6-12, has progressions for older athletes, and can be adapted for special needs.

RunJumpThrow skills form the basis of all land based sport and as such, RJT provides a strong foundation for success in all sports and physical activities, which allows participants to develop a positive self image and be the best they can be.

RJT is:

  • Integrated for development at all levels
  • Broad based and progressive
  • FUNdamental to all land based sports
  • Inclusive for all abilities and maturational stages
  • Adaptive to special needs and athletes with disabilities
  • Gender equitable

RJT stresses:

  • Skills of RUNNING, JUMPING and THROWING in age appropriate sequential progressions
  • Individual improvement and positive reinforcement
  • FUN and active learning environment
  • Improvement in physical and emotional well being
  • Safety and certified instruction

For more information on the Track Rascals training schedule, please refer to the Track Rascals section of the Practice Schedule page.