RCTFC competitors lead in Langley meet

groupshotCompetition at the Langley Mustang’s Invitational Meet went well for Royal City Track and Field Club athletes June 19-21.

The club was represented by more than 25 athletes who as a team accomplished 13 medals and 56 top 8 finishes in a wide range of events from shot put and javelin to high jump, hurdles and steeplechase!

In the 9 year old age-group, top eight performances included: Noah Brolin with a bronze medal in 100m and 5th in 60m dash and Markus Savela’s 4th in 600m, 6th in 60m, 5th in long jump and 6th in shot put!

For 10 year olds, Nicole Blatherwick took silver for javelin and 7th for 60m hurdles, Katherine Martin took bronze for javelin and 6th for high jump, Kenan Burrows won 6th for shot put and Andrew Murray won 8th place for 60m hurdles and long jump.

Monika Arcadi, 11, accomplished wins in a range of events, including bronze in 1000m, 4th in long jump and javelin and 5th in high jump and 600m. Cameron Dewith won 5th place in the 11 year old boys’ 600m.

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For 12 year olds, Shankara Rajkumar won silver in 300m and 5th in 200m and Riley Storms won 6th in 800m and 8th in 80m hurdles. The 12 year old girls relay team also won the gold medal in the 4 x 100m-way to go!

In the 13 year old category:

  • Lauryn Savela won  a pair of silver medals in pole vault and javelin and 5th in discus
  • Lauren Sidhu took 5th in 300m, 7th in 200m and 800m and 8th in 100m
  • Sabine Girt won 4th in 800m, 6th in 1200m, 7th in 80m hurdles and 9th in 200m
  • Emma Dolman took 8th for 200m hurdles and 9th for 800m and 1200m
  • Emma Celle won 8th in discus.

In the Midget category (ages 14-15):


  • Jenevieve Patry-Smith won silver in shot put, javelin and discus
  • Devin Strome won 4th in shot put
  • Brianna Bates won bronze in javelin
  • Joelle Pinvidic won 4th in hammer throw


  • Devin Strome won bronze in high jump
  • Finnley Cookson won bronze in pole vault
  • Max Jones won gold in pole vault
  • Ryan Jensen won 7th in shot put


  • Grace Fetherstonhaugh won gold in 1500m steeplechase
  • Emily Chilton won 5th in 400m
  • Ashlynne Stairs won 8th in 1200m
  • Finnley Cookson won 5th in 1200m
  • Max Jones won 6th in 100m hurdles
  • Ryan Jensen won 7th in 100m hurdles

Congratulations to all the athletes!

RCTFC athletes celebrate 20 years with 22 medals, 74 top 8s & meet record at Jesse Bent

Paige Deedman competes in long jump

Paige Deedman competes in long jump

Royal City Track and Field Club athletes took home 22 medals, 74 top 8 performances and a meet record as well at the June 13-14 Jesse Bent Memorial Meet at the Percy Perry Stadium in Coquitlam. Celebrating its 20 Year Anniversary as a club in New Westminster, Royal City Track and Field Club turned out 46 competitive athletes at the meet.

Top 8 Performance highlights at the meet included:

On the Track:

  • Emily Chilton’s 5th place finish in the 16/17 year old 800m with a huge pb time of 2:21:24
  • Lauren Vanee’s 7th in 400m hurdles for 16/17 girls
  • Grace Fetherstonhaugh’s new meet record and gold medal in the 1200m with a time of 3:40:08 in the 14/15 year old girls’ category
  • 15 year old Taylor Morrison’s silver medal, pb in the 1500m racewalk
  • Devin Strome’s 8th place in 80m hurdles
  • 15 year old Finnley Cookson’s 5th place finish in 800m with a time of 2:18:07
  • Gavin Fan’s 8th place finish in the 14/15 boys’ 1200m (first meet)
  • Max Jones’ 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th place in 200m hurdles, 100m hurdles, 100m dash and 200m dash
  • 14 year old Jeremy Belcher’s bronze in 200m hurdles and 5th in 100m
  • 14 year old Shea Janke’s 6th place in 1200m
  • 14 year old Ryan Jensen’s 5th and 6th place in 200m hurdles and 100m hurdles
  • 12 year old Shankara Rajkumar’s  bronze medal in 300m and 7th in 200m
  • 13 year old Emma Celle’s 7th place in 300m
  • 13 year old Emma Dolman’s 6th place finish in the 1200m run with a notable 40 seconds off her previous pb which is definitely worth a mention!
  • 13 year old Lauren Sidhu’s 7th place finishes in 100m dash, 800m and 8th in 300m (first meet)
  • 12 year old Katelyn Stewart-Barnett’s silver medals in 800m and 1200m
  • 12 year old Riley Storms’ 5th place in 800m and 8th place in 80m hurdles
  • 11 year old Monika Arcadi’s 7th and 8th place in the 600m and 1000m
  • Annika Yong’s 6th in 100m and 8th in 60m for 10 year old girls
  • 10 year old Noah Duke’s 4th place finish in 1000m 6th place in 600m and 7th place in 60m hurdles
  • 9 year old Livia Russo’s 4th place in 60m
  • 9 year old Noah Brolin’s bronze medals in 60m and 100m and 6th in 600m
  • 9 year old Markus Savela’s 8th place in 100m finals


  • Lauren Vanee’s silver medal in javelin for 16/17 girls
  • Brianna Bates’ silver medal  in the 14/15 year old girls’ javelin
  • Devin Strome’s 5th in shot put
  • 14 year old Jenevieve Patry-Smith came away with 4 medals: gold in javelin and bronze in hammer, discus and shot put
  • 14 year old Joelle Pinvidic’s 4th in hammer throw
  • 14 year old Jack Foster’s 5th place finish in shot put with a throw of over 10 (first meet)
  • 13 year old Lauryn Savela’s silver medal in javelin with a pb throw of 27.18 and 6th place in discus (pbs all around)
  • 13 year old Emma Celle’s 5th place in discus
  • 11 year old Shivan Rajkumar’s top 10 finish in shot put
  • Levi Tuura’s 8th in shot put
  • 9 year old Amy Perera’s 4th place in shot put
  • 9 year old Noah Brolin’s gold medal in shot put
  • 9 year old Markus Savela’s 8th place in shot put


  • Devin Strome’s 5th in high jump for 14/15 girls
  • 15 year old Finnley Cookson’s 4th place finish in pole vault (first meet)
  • Jeremy Belcher’s 4th and 6th place in 14/15 year old boys’ triple jump and long jump
  • Jack Foster’s bronze medal in triple jump for 14/15 year old boys (first meet)
  • Ryan Jensen’s 5th place in 14/15 triple jump
  • Max Jones’ silver medal in pole vault and 8th in long jump
  • 13 year old Lauryn Savela’s silver medal in pole vault (first meet for event)
  • 12 year old Kate Stewart-Barnett’s bronze in high jump
  • 11 year old Paige Deedman’s 7th place in high jump (at her first meet)
  • 11 year old Cameron Dewith’s gold medal in high jump
  • 10 year old Andrew Murray’s 6th in long jump (first meet)
  • Levi Tuura’s 7th in high jump (first jump at meet)
  • Livia Russo’s silver medal in high jump for 9 year old girls
  • 9 year old Amy Perera’s 6th place in long jump
  • 9 year old Markus Savela’s 5th place finish in long jump (first meet jump)
  • Coach Alex Bouzane’s silver medal in pole vault with a jump of 3.90 in the masters’ category

Also congratulations to all the athletes who competed at the meet in their first ever competitions and to all athletes who accomplished personal best (pb) performances whether you made top 8 or not!

Full meet results can be viewed at:

Jesse Bent results 2015


Royal City Track and Field Club celebrates 20 years!

DSC_0009Royal City Track and Field Club athletes celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the club on Monday, June 15th at the annual club bbq/mini pentathlon which celebrates the successes of the athletes who completed the Intro to Track and Track Rascal programs. More than 150 people (athletes and their families) from the competitive program, the intro program and the track rascal program came out to show their support of these athletes in the fun evening which took place on the track, in the field and at the bbq after.

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Congratulations to all the athletes who completed the 8 week training programs and thank you to all the volunteers who made the event possible for volunteering with the teams, at the bbq or during set up or clean-up!

The club looks forward to seeing you again next year!

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RCTFC athletes show strength and speed at BC High School Championships

Royal City track athletes who competed at the BC High School Championships

From top row and left to right: Lauren Vanee, Emily Chilton, Jenviève Patry-Smith, Devin Strome, Jack Foster, Gavin Fan, Shea Janke, Ryan Jensen, Grace Fetherstonhaugh, Brianna Bates and Jeremy Belcher

Congratulations to Royal City Track and Field Club athletes who qualified to compete against tough competitors from all over the province at the BC High School Championships: Lauren Vanee (300m hurdles, javelin), Emily Chilton (400m, 800m and 4x400m senior relay), Jenevieve Patry-Smith (javelin, hammer throw and discus), Devin Strome (80m hurdles and high jump), Jack Foster ( long jump, triple jump and high jump), Gavin Fan (400m), Shea Janke (3000m), Ryan Jensen (triple jump and100m hurdles), Grace Fetherstonhaugh (1500m, 3000m and 4x400m senior relay) and Jeremy Belcher (triple jump, 4x400m Gr 8 relay team).

Highlights included: Gr 8 Jenevieve Patry-Smith’s Silver medal in javelin and 8th place in discus (in the Junior category-Gr 9/10), Devin Strome’s 5th place in junior high jump, Jeremy Belcher’s 7th place in Gr 8 triple jump, newcomer to the club Jack Foster’s 4th place in Gr 8 triple jump, 4th place in long jump and 7th place in high jump, Emily Chilton’s 9th place in Junior 400m and 1st on senior 4x400m relay team, Grace Fetherstonhaugh’s 4th place in Junior 3000m, 8th place in junior 1500m and 1st on senior 4x400m relay team, and Brianna Bates’ 4th place in Junior pole vault and 5th place in javelin.

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