Registration Now Open

After a difficult year, Royal City looks forward to our 2021 season, with the hope of some normality, but we cannot predict with any certainty how the pandemic will continue to impact us.

Our plan is to begin outdoor pre season training for athletes aged 14 and older beginning in February, and we are retaining Swanguard Stadium in Burnaby in case of facility restrictions still being in place at Mercer Stadium.  At this time there are no facilities available for indoor training.  

Our regular season is scheduled to begin April 6 for the JD’s and April 13 for the Track Rascals.

While our registration fees will be non refundable for the season, we will not collect payment until we are sure that each program will be able to proceed, either in full, or modified as occurred this year for some age groups or events.

Registration is now open for current and new members, however, all athletes aged 13 and younger will first be placed on a waitlist.

As the programs are confirmed, athletes will be released from the waitlist to enable payment and participation.  Registration will be on a first come, first served basis so please register early if you intend to participate, since we do have limitations on the number of participants in each age group.  This will be the only way to confirm your membership.  

Athletes aged 14 and older will be supported throughout the year, as they were much of this year, so their registration will proceed directly to the payment option.  

As well, for those of you who were members with Royal City in 2020, in order to get your 25% discount on your BC Athletics fee you will have to manually enter COVID25% as a promo code.  The system will recognize those who were members in 2020; however, if you forget to enter your code at the time of registration, we will not be able to go back and issue a refund.