Royal City Track and Field Club’s Patry-Smith throws for gold at Elwood Wylie Nanaimo Meet

As the sole Royal City Track and Field Club competitor at the Elwood Wylie Meet in Nanaimo May 24-25, Jenevieve Patry-Smith held her own and then some in the throws events.

A highlight for 13 year old Patry-Smith was her shot put throw of 9.73m (just centimetres shy of BC Athletics’ Award Standard and second best throw in the province so far this year) which earned her gold in the event! She also accomplished silver in discus, javelin and hammer throw.

Royal City Track Athletes Compete at Big BC Elementaries’ Meet

Representing their schools, six Royal City Track and Field Club JD athletes set out to compete against hundreds of elementary-aged competitors at the BC Elementaries’ Meet in Richmond May 24th.

A meet highlight for RCTFC athletes was Amanda Scott’s silver medal in the 13 year old girls’ category for her performance in a competitive 800m race! Scott took the lead early in the final lap and fought off her competitor until the final 125 metres of the race.

Congratulations also to Jeremy Belcher, Shea Janke, Lauryn Savela, Michelle Dadson and Milena Kalisch for their successful competitions at the Elementaries’.

RCTFC athlete Amanda Scott, shown here competing at an earlier trackmeet, won silver for her 800m performance at the Elementaries' trackmeet.

RCTFC athlete Amanda Scott, shown here competing at an earlier trackmeet, won silver for her 800m performance at the Elementaries’ trackmeet.

Royal City Track athletes take gold, achieve JD Standard at Junior Olympics Meet

Just over 30 medals, almost 70 top 8 performances and 2 BC Athletic JD Award Standards were achieved by 26 Royal City Track and Field JD-aged athletes at the South Fraser Junior Olympics trackmeet May 17-18. As well, a group of Royal City Track and Field Club Track Rascal athletes participated in their first track meet of the season.

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Many personal bests and winning performances were accomplished by all RCTFC athletes competing this weekend but of particular note is the BC Athletic Award Standard performances by Michelle Dadson in the 12-year old discus (26.04m) and by Milena Kalisch in the 11-year old 1000m (3:22:55). Both achieved gold for their outstanding accomplishments.  Kalisch also took silver in 600m and Dadson achieved 4th in shot put and 6th in long jump.

In the 9-year old boys’, Angus Steele won gold in the 100m dash and 7th in shot put, and in 10-year old boys’ Cameron Dewith won bronze for his performance in the 1000m.

In the 10-year old girls’ category, Emily Bowles led the pack in both the 600m and 1000m, taking gold in both. Other highlights included: Monika Arcadi taking 5th in high jump and 11th in her 600m, Kate Bowles winning 8th place in both 600m and high jump, Sydney Christiansen completing her first ever race in 60m hurdles, Grace Hodges taking 8th in 60m dash, 11th in 60m hurdles, and 12th in both 100m and long jump and Kaia Polanska-Richardson’s 5th in discus, as well as competing in 60m dash, 60m hurdles, long jump and shot put! The 10-year old girls relay team also took gold for the 4 x 100 relay!

Also in the 11-year old girls’ category,  Kate Stewart-Barnett won silver in high jump and bronze in 600m, newcomer Shankara Rajkumar took 10th in 600m, Annette Scott took 5th in 600m, 7th in 60m dash,  and 12th in both 100m and 60m hurdles while Riley Storms accomplished 7th in shot put and 13th in 60m hurdles. The girls won silver in the 4 x 100m and 4 x 200m relays.

SFJO 11 year girls relay

The rest of the 12-year old girls with Royal City Track accomplished much with Elizabeth Bowles taking bronze in 1200m and 5th in 800m, Emma Celle taking 5th in long jump, 7th in high jump, 8th in shot put, 9th in 200m, 11th in 100m, Lauryn Savela accomplishing 8th in discus and top 10 in long jump and high jump, newcomer Sabine Girt taking gold for 1200m, silver for 800m and top 8 in 100m, 200, 300m and 80m hurdles.  This team took silver in their relay.

For 13-year old Royal City Track and Field girls, Jenevieve Patry-Smith won silver for discus, 4th for shot put and 6th for high jump,  Joelle Pinvidic took 5th in 200m and 9th in long jump and Amanda Scott finished up with a silver in 300m, 800m and long jump, bronze in 1200m and 4th for 200m dash. The girls won bronze in their relay.

The 5 Royal City Track boys in the 13-year old category hauled in 9 medals including: Jeremy Belcher taking silver in long jump and bronze in 200m hurdles (4th in 300m and 7 in 100m), Shea Janke taking  silver in 800m and 1200m, Ryan Jensen winning silver in triple jump (4th in 80m hurdles and 7th in long jump), and Max Jones accomplishing silver in 200m hurdles and high jump and bronze in 80m hurdles (4th in long jump, 5th in 100m and 200m).  Other highlights included newcomer Nicholas Lovell’s personal best accomplishments in 200m, 80m hurdles, shot put and long jump. The boys also took silver as a team for the relay.

Congratulations also to Track Rascals Oliver Livesley, Sadie Storms, Benjamin Talbot, Corinna Talbot, Christina Hodges, Livia Russo and Apollo Polanska-Richardson who competed in their first track meet of the season as Royal City Track and Field club athletes!

Group of Five Royal City Track athletes medal and accomplish JD Award Standard @ Eagle Classic Meet

A small but competitive Group of Five Royal City Track and Field Club JD athletes competed in their first club meet of the season. Not only were medals won but a JD Award Standard was accomplished as well.

Angus Steele won a trio of gold medals for 600m, 60m dash and 100m for 9 year old boys’ and Cameron Dewith took gold in 600m, 4th in both the 60m  and 100m dash in the 10 year old boys’ category.

Elizabeth Bowles won a strong 4th place in both the 800m and 1200m for 12 year old girls’.

In the 10-year old girls’ group, Emily Bowles won a silver in the 1600m and a bronze in the 600m, and Kate Bowles took 7th in high jump and top 10 performances for the 600m and 60m dash.

It is worth noting that for his performance in the 600m, Steele (9-year old boys’) set a new meet record, made the BC Top 10 list and accomplished a JD Standard for his time of 1:58:06 and Dewith (10-year old boys’) set a new meet record for his time of 1:57:39 in the 600m.


Congratulations to this group for their accomplishments this past weekend!

Royal City Track athletes win 26 medals at Victoria Dogwood

A group of 11 Royal City Track and Field athletes competed at the Victoria Dogwood track and field meet May 10-11, competing in sprints, middle distance, long jump, hurdles, pole vault, long jump and throws events. The club’s athletes won an impressive 26 medals in all at the Victoria meet.

Highlights include:

Milena Kalisch and Kate Stewart-Barnett took gold and silver respectively in the 11 year old girls’ category for the 600m and 1000m. Stewart-Barnett also took silver in high jump, bronze in 60m hurdles and 6th place in long jump. Kalisch took 4th place in 100m, 800m RW and 200m, as well as 6th in shot put and discus.

The 13 year old boys trio, Jeremy Belcher, Maxwell Jones and Ryan Jensen accomplished 10 medals between them. Belcher won gold in long jump, a pair of silvers in 200m hurdles and 300m and bronze in 100m. Jones took gold for 200m hurdles and pole vault, silver in 100m and bronze in long jump. Jones also placed 5th in high jump. Ryan Jensen took gold in 80m hurdles, silver in triple jump, and placed 7th in both 100m dash and Javelin.

Emily Chilton took gold in the 2000m and silver in the 1200m for 14-15 year old girls, while Jenevieve Patry-Smith took home a pair of gold medals in discus and javelin, a silver in shot put and a bronze in high jump for the 13 year old girls’ category, and Kinsey Weir took silver in pole vault for 16-17 year old girls’ accomplishing 2.51m.

Michelle Dadson won bronze in discus and the 800m racewalk for 12 year old girls’, as well as 4th in shot put, 5th in long jump, 6th in 80m hurdles and 7th in 100m dash.

Emmanuel Dadson won silver in pole vault for 14 year old boys’. He also accomplished 6th in 200m, 7th in long jump and 9th in 100m dash.

In the 10 year old category, Kaia Polanska Richardson placed 6th in javelin and 8th in long jump.

Well done and congratulations to everyone who competed in Victoria!

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Royal City Track athletes shine at Norwesters’ Elementaries Meet despite wet conditions

Through the rainy weekend, 12 Royal City Track athletes competed with many shining performances in the Norwesters’ Elementaries Meet.

Participating in competitions at the meet were Jeremy Belcher, Emma Celle, Michelle Dadson, Emma Dolman, Sabine Girt, Shea Janke, Ryan Jensen, Max Jones, Milena Kalisch, Lauryn Savela, Amanda Scott and Annette Scott. A total of 14 Medals and 24 top 8 performances were accomplished.

In the 13 year-old category, Max Jones took silver in 80m hurdles and a pair of bronze medals for long jump and high jump, while Ryan Jensen won gold for his 80m hurdles, with 4th place in high jump and 6th in long jump. Jeremy Belcher took silver in long jump, 5th place in the 200m and 6th in the 300m. In the mid-distance runs, Shea Janke took silver for both the 800m and the 1200m in the boys’ category and Amanda Scott also took silver for her 800m and 1200m runs in the girls’ category.

For 12 year-old girls, Lauryn Savela took bronze in javelin, while Michelle Dadson accomplished top 8 performances in both shot put and discus and placed 9th in 80m hurdles. Sabine Girt took 5th place for both the 800m and 1200m. Emma Celle and Emma Dolman placed 17th and 24th respectively in 100m and Celle also took 13th and 11th for high jump and shot put.

In the 11 year-old girls’ category, Annette Scott placed 6th in the 600m and Milena Kalisch took gold for her performances in 1000m and discus, silver for 600m, bronze for shot put and 5th in the 200m sprint.

Congratulations to all 12 athletes for accomplishing personal bests and winning performances.

EmmaCelle SheaJanke MilenaKalisch JeremyBelcherMaxJoneshurdle1RyanJensenhurdles2

Royal City Track athletes compete for spots at BC Summer Games Zone 4 trials

Royal City Track and Field Club athletes in the 14/15 year-old age category competed against about 50 other athletes in their zone May 3 at the Clement Track at Minoru Park, Richmond to qualify for a position to participate in the 2014 BC Summer Games to take place July 17-20 in Nanaimo, BC. Zone 4 trials include athletes residing in Richmond, Delta, Burnaby and New Westminster.

The Royal City Track and Field Club’s 2014 BC Summer Games Zone 4 trials team included: Prachi Brahmbhatt, Brianna Bates, Emmanuel Dadson, Grace Fetherstonhaugh, Jessica Klein, Devin Strome, Lauren Vanee and Tomas Ward.

Royal City Track and Field Club athlete highlights include: 6th in 100m and 7th in 200m sprints for Prachi Brahmbhatt, 4th in 300m, 5th in 200m and 7th in 100m sprints for Emmanuel Dadson, gold in high jump and bronze in long jump for Devin Strome, bronze in javelin for Brianna Bates, silver in long jump for Jessica Klein, silver in javelin and bronze in 200m hurdles for Lauren Vanee, bronze in shot put for Tomas Ward. As the sole competitor in both the 1200m and 2000m Grace Fetherstonhaugh still ran but only against the clock and so took gold in both to fulfill trial requirements and be considered for selection to the zone team.

Based on results from the trials meet, just 24 athletes total will be selected to compete for Zone 4 at the 2014 BC Summer Games to happen in July.