RCTFC Track Rascal & JD Athletes Crush It at Junior Olympics Meet!

Congratulations to all RCTFC athetes who competed at the South Fraser Junior Olympics Meet May 21-22! First and personal best performances are to be applauded!

Highlights included:

9 year olds:

  • Maresa Loconte’s 7th place in 60m, 6th place in 100m, 1st place in shot put and 2nd place in 60mH
  • Ava Forsyth’s 1st in 60mH, 600m, 1000m and 4th in LJ
  • Abby Brolin’s 10th place in 60m, 7th in 100m and 5th place in 60mH
  • Apolo Polansky-Richardson’s 1st place in 60mH, 7th in 60m and 5th place in LJ
  • Marek Laga’s 9th place in 100m
  • Gavin Hollett’s 8th in 600m
  • Patrick Jessome’s 7th place in LJ and 600m and 2nd in 60m

10 year olds:

  • Ellie Yong’s 2nd in 60m, 3rd in 100m and 2nd in LJ
  • Ryan Perk’s 7th in 600m and 6th in LJ

11 year olds:

  • Indira Chiang’s 4th in 60m, 1st in shot put, 2nd in HJ and 60mH and 8th in 100m
  • Mballany Mahmoud’s  3rd in 100m, 5th in 60mH and 2nd in 200m
  • Noah Brolin’s 7th in LJ, 2nd in shot put and 11th in 100m
  • Tommy Francisco-Rubano’s 7th in 200m
  • Max Holmes’ 1st in 1000m and 3rd in 60m

12 year olds:

  • Annika Yong’s 4th in 80mH and 200m, and 10th in 100m
  • Samantha Lorenz’s 4th in 100m
  • Vanessa Bonamin’s 11th in 200m and 13th in 80mH
  • Kairo Chiang’s 4th in 100m, 2nd in 80mH and 2nd in HJ
  • Levi Turra’s 4th in 80mH
  • Ethan Lauritzen’s 7th in 80mH

13 year olds:

  • Kate Bowles’ 6th in shot put
  • Naseeb Shokar’s 6th in shot put
  • Monika Arcadi’s 2nd in 1200m, 3rd in 800m, 3rd in HJ and 5th in 300m
  • Emily Bowles’ 1st in 1200m and 2nd in 800m
  • Cameron DeWith’s 3rd in 1200m
  • Ra’el Clark’s 2nd in LJ and 5th in 100m

Full results at the link below:

Click to access 2017-SFTC-JO-Results.pdf

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Congratulations to all the athletes for personal best performances and first time accomplishments!

Royal City Track & Field Athletes Run, Jump & Throw well at Eagle Classic

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Congratulations to all RCTFC athletes who competed in Maple Ridge at the Eagle Classic Meet May 13th!


  • Kate Bowles took 3rd in  javelin for 13 year old girls
  • Emily Bowles placed 2nd in the mile and 3rd in the 800 for 13 year old girls
  • Max Holmes took 1st place in both the 600 and 1000 for 11 year old boys
  • Ava Forsyth took 1st place in the 1000m for 9 year old girls
  • Levi Turra took 4th in javelin and shot put and 5th in long jump for 12 year old boys
  • Kairo Chiang took 4th place in 100m and 3rd in 200m for 12 year old boys
  • Indira Chiang took 3rd in 60m hurdles and 2nd in shot put for 11 year old girls
  • Abby Brolin won 4th place in shot put for 9 year old girls
  • Ellie Yong won 3rd place in 60m, 100m and long jump for 10 year old girls
  • Maresa Loconte won 3rd place in 60m hurdles for 9 year old girls
  • Richardson Polansky took 2nd place! for 60m hurdles
  • Ra’el Clark won 1st place in long jump and 2nd place in the mile run for 13 year old boys
  • Cameron DeWith took 2nd place in the 800m for 13 year old boys

Wow! Way to go everyone! Congratulations on all your personal best and winning performances!

Full results can be found at the link below:

Click to access 481a66_2a709bf9899c4141b04dd3eef2adf6c6.pdf


Big Gains for RCTFC Throwers at High Performance Meet

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RCTFC Midget/Junior Throwers put on a good show at the Langley High Performance Throws Meet April 30.

It was an excellent group of throwers and certainly lived up to its billing of a high performance throws meet.
RCTFC’s Youth thrower Joelle Pinvidic put 5m on her PB in Hammer throw; she threw over 39m.
Lauren Savela had a very good series of throws all teasing her PB in Javelin of just under 35m including a throw in the low to mid 34m.
Brianna Bates was throwing well early in the competition and tossed a 38m+  throw in Javelin!
Jenevieve Patry-Smith had a big day putting an extra half metre on her Shot Put PB!She threw 12.50+. And she had the best throw amongst the Youth Javelin with a throw of 41m+ which gets her past the Team BC standard for Legion Nationals!
Position Highlights included a Gold in Javelin for Lauren Vanee in the Junior category, a Gold in Javelin and a Bronze in Shot Put in the Youth category for JV Patry-Smith, a Bronze for Brianna Bates in Javelin, a 5th place finish for Lauryn Savela in Javelin in the Youth category and a 4th place in Hammer for Joelle Pinvidic in the Youth category.
Congratulations to all the throwers for your performances!
Full results in the link below: