RCTFC Track Rascal & JD Athletes Crush It at Junior Olympics Meet!

Congratulations to all RCTFC athetes who competed at the South Fraser Junior Olympics Meet May 21-22! First and personal best performances are to be applauded!

Highlights included:

9 year olds:

  • Maresa Loconte’s 7th place in 60m, 6th place in 100m, 1st place in shot put and 2nd place in 60mH
  • Ava Forsyth’s 1st in 60mH, 600m, 1000m and 4th in LJ
  • Abby Brolin’s 10th place in 60m, 7th in 100m and 5th place in 60mH
  • Apolo Polansky-Richardson’s 1st place in 60mH, 7th in 60m and 5th place in LJ
  • Marek Laga’s 9th place in 100m
  • Gavin Hollett’s 8th in 600m
  • Patrick Jessome’s 7th place in LJ and 600m and 2nd in 60m

10 year olds:

  • Ellie Yong’s 2nd in 60m, 3rd in 100m and 2nd in LJ
  • Ryan Perk’s 7th in 600m and 6th in LJ

11 year olds:

  • Indira Chiang’s 4th in 60m, 1st in shot put, 2nd in HJ and 60mH and 8th in 100m
  • Mballany Mahmoud’s  3rd in 100m, 5th in 60mH and 2nd in 200m
  • Noah Brolin’s 7th in LJ, 2nd in shot put and 11th in 100m
  • Tommy Francisco-Rubano’s 7th in 200m
  • Max Holmes’ 1st in 1000m and 3rd in 60m

12 year olds:

  • Annika Yong’s 4th in 80mH and 200m, and 10th in 100m
  • Samantha Lorenz’s 4th in 100m
  • Vanessa Bonamin’s 11th in 200m and 13th in 80mH
  • Kairo Chiang’s 4th in 100m, 2nd in 80mH and 2nd in HJ
  • Levi Turra’s 4th in 80mH
  • Ethan Lauritzen’s 7th in 80mH

13 year olds:

  • Kate Bowles’ 6th in shot put
  • Naseeb Shokar’s 6th in shot put
  • Monika Arcadi’s 2nd in 1200m, 3rd in 800m, 3rd in HJ and 5th in 300m
  • Emily Bowles’ 1st in 1200m and 2nd in 800m
  • Cameron DeWith’s 3rd in 1200m
  • Ra’el Clark’s 2nd in LJ and 5th in 100m

Full results at the link below:

Click to access 2017-SFTC-JO-Results.pdf

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Congratulations to all the athletes for personal best performances and first time accomplishments!