RCTFC Youth Thrower sets meet record at U19 Youth Francophone Games

Shout out to Jenevieve Patry-Smith (JV) for her meet record in javelin at the U19 Youth Francophone Games in Moncton, NB. JV also won the Gold medal in discus at the meet.

She competed five straight days in a row with 3 of them being on the East Coast at the Francophone Games and then moved right on to compete for 2 days at BC Athletics Jamboree on the West Coast!

Royal City Track & Field Club’s G2 jets home from Ottawa with a pair of Bronze Medals

RCTFC’s distance and steeplechase runner Grace Fetherstonhaugh was honoured to represent her home club-Royal City Track & Field Club-as well as Team BC at the Canadian Outdoor Track & Field Championships (Junior Nat’s) in Ottawa July 3-9.

A very competitive 3000m race against her competition in the u20 category led to her Bronze medal and a personal best time of 9:33:71 for the 17 year old athlete, only .22 ahead of the 4th place finisher.

Grace also took a Bronze in the u20 3000m steeplechase race, taking 6 seconds off her personal best time.

Full results and details for the Canadian Outdoor Track & Field Championships can be checked out at the following link:




Peak Performances for RCTFC Athletes at Craven Meet!

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Congratulations to the RCTFC athletes who competed at the Trevor Craven Meet July 8-9 at Burnaby Central track.

Peak performances of the season were attained by many RCTFC athletes and over 30 top 8 performances and almost 20 medals were won by club athletes!

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Medal highlights included a first place finish for Ava Forsyth in the 600m for 9 year old girls and a Bronze for Markus Savela in javelin for 9 year old boys, a 3rd place finish for Ellie Yong in the 60m for 10 year old girls, a trio of Bronze medals for Indira Chiang in high jump, the 60m and 60mH for 11 year old girls and a Gold for Levi Turra in high jump and a Bronze for Kairo Chiang in the 200m for 12 year old boys, a Silver medal duo for Monika Arcadi in the 800m and 1200m for 13 year old girls, a Silver for Ryan Jensen in the 110mH for 16-17 year old boys, as well as a Silver for Finnley Cookson in pole vault, a Bronze for Ryan Roberts in the 3000m, a Bronze for Jeremy Belcher in the triple jump and a Bronze for Charles Yu in the 1500m. In the 18-19 year old women’s category, Emily Chilton took a pair of Gold medals for her performances in the 400m and 800m.

Coach Hannah Dixon with high jump Gold Medalist Levi Turra (12 year boys)

Top 8 performances for RCTFC athletes and personal bests can be checked out at the following link for results from the meet:


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RCTFC athletes go the distance & push limits in the heat at Kelowna Meet

Emma Dolman takes 5th in 100mH and 8th in 300m

A strong contingent represented Royal City Track & Field Club well in Kelowna at the Jack Brow Meet.

On the track, Alejandro Romero took Silver in the 3000m and the next day won 4th place in the 1500m distance race.

Emma Dolman took an 8th place finish in the 300m and 5th in the 100mH on the track.

On the throws field, performances were strong as well.

Thrower Jenevieve Patry-Smith took a trio of medals in Javelin (Gold), Shot Put (Gold), and Discus (Silver), as well as a 4th place in Hammer.

Thrower Jadyn Knight also performed well with a strong 5th in Javelin and 8th in Discus.

Full details of their performances at the following link:



Medals all around for RCTFC Athletes competing at Universal Meet on Canada Day Weekend!

Emily Bowles runs to Gold on Canada Day

Royal City Track & Field Club athletes performed extremely well at the Universal Meet on Canada Day Weekend.

Medalists included:

  • Katelyn Stewart Barnett’s trio of Gold in the 2000m, 1200m and high jump
  • Monika Arcadi’s Gold in high jump and Silver in 1200m and 800m
  • Emily Bowles’ Gold medals in 1200m and 800m
  • Max Holmes’ Gold in 1000m and Bronze in 60mH
  • Ava Forsyth’s Gold in 1000m
  • Levi Tuura’s Bronze in Javelin
  • Samantha Lorenz’s Bronze in long jump
  • Lauryn Savela’s Gold in Javelin
  • Brianna Bates’ Silver in Javelin
  • JoElle Pinvidic’s Gold in Hammer
  • Zuzu Liniewski’s Silver in Hammer
  • Kate Bowles’ Bronze in Javelin
  • Markus Savela’s Silver in Shot Put

Full performance details which include many more top 8 finishes for the athletes above and other RCTFC athletes in other events can be found at the following link:


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Small contingent of RCTFC JDs win well at JD Pent Champs

Ava Forsyth sports her medal win

Congratulations to the group of RCTFC JD athletes who competed at the JD Pentathlon Championships in Maple Ridge!

Top 8 Highlights included:

  • For 9 year old girls- Ava Foryth’s Bronze and Maresa Loconte’s 6th place finish
  • 10 year old Ellie Yong’s 5th place
  • 11 year old Indira Chiang’s Bronze
  • Max Holmes’ 5th place in boys 11 year old age group
  • 12 year old Annika Yong’s 8th place
  • In the 13 year old category, Monika Arcadi took 7th for girls and Cameron DeWith took 8th in the boys group

Full details:


RCTFC Distance Duo take Gold & Silver


Gold for RCTFC’s  Emily Bowles and Silver for Monika Arcadi in the nose to nose finish 800m.

It was a race to the finish for RCTFC’s own Emily Bowles and Monika Arcadi in the 800m. The athletes placed 1st and 2nd in both the 800m and the 1200m in their 13 year old age category. Monika Arcadi also picked up a Gold in the High Jump with a personal best of 1.50m.

RCTFC female athletes dominate in Throws

Six of RCTFC older Throwers dominated the medal count in throws events all around.

In the 14-15 category, Lauryn Savela picked up the Silver in Javelin and Zuzanna Liniewski took Gold in Hammer.

For 16-17 year olds, Jenevieve Patry-Smith won Silver in Hammer, Brianna Bates won the Bronze in Javelin and Joelle Pinvidic took Bronze in Hammer. Patry-Smith also won 4th in Javelin.

In the 18-34 category, Lauren Vanee won Silver in Javelin.

9 year old Abby Brolin also excelled in throws, winning a Silver medal in Shot Put.

Kate Bowles competes to 7th place in Javelin

Other strong throws performances included Kate Bowles’ 5th place in Hammer and 7th place in Javelin for 13 year old girls. In the 11 year old boys’ category, Noah Brolin took Silver in Shot put and Markus Savela placed 5th in Javelin. Levi Turra took 7th place for Shot Put (12 year olds), 10 year old Julian Lauritzen took 7th place in Shot Put and it was 5th place for 9 year old Gavyn Hollett in Shot Put.

Strong top 8 finishes in Jumps included the following highlights:

  • 9 year old Gavyn Hollet – 5th in Long Jump
  • 12 year old Levi Turra – 7th in High Jump
  • 13 year old Ra’el Clark – 4th in Long Jump

In the 14-15 year old category, Emma Dolman won Bronze in the 300mH and Ella Foster took the 8th place finish in the 200m. Foster also scored 6th place in pole vault.

On the track, for 11 year olds, Mballany Mahmoud took 7th place in 60m and 8th place in 60mH in the girls’ race and in the boys’ race Noah Duke took 8th for 200m and 800m. For 9 year old girls, Abby Brolin won 4th on the track in 600m, 7th in 60m and 100m and 8th place in 60mH and 9 year old Gavyn Hollett took 7th place in 100m for the boys.

Other top 8 performances on the track included 13 year old Cameron DeWith’s 7th place in 800m and Ethan Lauritzen’s 7th place in 80mH.

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Full details of results can be viewed at the following link:http://www.langleymustangs.com/uploads/1/0/8/8/10886303/complete_results.pdf

RCTFC’s Grace Fetherstonhaugh named to BC Junior Track & Field Team

RCTFC athlete Grace Fetherstonhaugh, shown here competing in the 3000m for her high school at BC High School Championships

RCTFC distance and steeplechase runner Grace Fetherstonhaugh has been selected to the 2017 BC Junior Track & Field Team. She will travel to Ottawa to compete at Canadian Junior Track & Field Championships (July 3-9) in the 3000m steeplechase.

Fetherstonhaugh is also to be congratulated for her selection to the 2017 Canada Summer Games BC Team. Winnipeg, Manitoba is the host city of the 2017 Canada Summer Games.

Royal City Athletes take high marks at Jesse Bent

Kate Bowles competes in Hammer Throw to 4th place

RCTFC athletes in all age categories rivalled well at the Jesse Bent Meet in Coquitlam, scoring high in runs, jumps and throws events.

All athletes are to be congratulated on their personal best performances and winnings!

Ava Foryth running distance

Many of the JD athletes are to be recognized for their top 8 placings across a range of events:

For 9 years olds, Ava Forsyth took top 8 in 100m, 600m, 1000m, long jump and shot put, including 2 golds for her 600m and 1000m runs. Abby Brolin took 6th in shot put and Tara McCrae won 8th place for 60mH. Mikhyle Sayani won top 8 in a range of events as well: 1st place in 60mH, 2nd place for long jump and 5th for 60m. Patrick Jessome racked up top 8 wins in 600m, 1000m, 60mH (2nd place) and shot put!

In the 10 year old category, Ellie Young took top 8 in 60m, 100m and long jump. Another multi-event winner was Julian Lauritzen (8th in 100m and 1000m, 7th in shot put and high jump and 5th place for javelin). Ewan Maclachlan won 7th in shot put.

In the 11 year old category, Indira Chang placed top 8 in 60m, 60mH, shot put, long jump and high jump which included 2 silver medals. Mballany Mahmoud took Bronze in 100m and top 8 in 200m and 60mH. Tommy Francis-Rubano took 6th in long jump and 7th in 600m, Nolan Bryan won 7th place for 100m, Cameron Rothenberger won 8th place in 60mH and Noah Brolin took silver in shot put.

The 12 year old top 8 performances included: Annika Yong for long jump (6th), javelin and 80mH (4th). Nicole Blatherwick is to be congratulated for her silver in hammer. Levi Tuura competed to win in multiple events including: 5th in shot put, 6th in javelin, 7th in high jump and 8th place in long jump! Noah Duke took 4th in his 800m. Kairo Chiang took 1st place in 200m and 7th for 80mH, long jump and shot put. Noah Duke won well in his 800m with a 4th place finish!

The 13 year old squad won well on the track and in throws as well:

  • Emily Bowles won a trio of medals (silver in 800m and 1200m and bronze in 2000m)
  • Monika Arcadi took bronze in the 800m and 1200m
  • Kate Bowles was top 8 in shot put (6th), hammer (4th) and javelin (6th)
  • Naseeb Shokar took 8th place for shot put
  • Cameron DeWith won 4th place in 1200m but also took 7th for high jump

RCTFC’s Nikhil Hirani runs distance

In the 14-15 (Midget) category, top 8 performances were scored primarily on the track but also in the jumps with Emma Dolman taking 5th for 300mH and 8th for 300m and Katelyn Stewart Barnett taking gold for 1200m, silver for 2000m and 2nd in high jump and 4th in long jump. Nikhil Hirani took 2nd in 1500m RW.

Throws Events dominated the top 8 performances for the older athletes.

Zuzanna Liniewski competed to win the silver in hammer throw in the 14-15 category and 5th in discus and in the 16-17 age group Joelle Pinvidic took bronze in hammer throw while Kaitlyn Hanger took 4th place. Evan Smith took 2nd place in javelin for 16-17 year olds.

Competing in the 16-22 year old category, 16 year old JV Patry-Smith won Bronze in javelin, 5th in discus and 8th in shot put. Brianna Bates took the silver medal in the javelin and Lauren Vanee took 7th place in javelin.

In the jumps zone, 16 year old Max Jones won bronze in the pole vault, competing in the 16-22 age group.

The older athletes won well on the track as well with the following top 8 performances:

  • Ryan Jensen won bronze in 110mH
  • Grace Fetherstonhaugh won gold in 3000m SC and silver in 1500m
  • Emily Chilton took 6th place for 400m

Full details and results can be found at the following link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B338BHhSuiLpdjU5RUlPSWs2RUV2SmVxV0N0OWVSWHhyVTVn/view

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Grade 11, New Westminster Hyack athlete and Royal City Track and Field Club member, Grace Fetherstonhaugh, set a new high school record in the women’s 1500m steeplechase with a blistering gold medal winning time of 4:54.81, breaking the old record of 4:58.85 set in 2011. Grace’s gold medal capped off a triple medal performance at the 2017 BC High School Track and Field Championships in Langley’s McLeod Athletic Park this past weekend. She also won a pair of bronze medals in the 1500m in a personal best time of 4:32.80 and the 3000m in a time of 9:51.03.


A Royal Flush of Medals at the BC High School Championships

34257465524_a602f4583b_oGrace wasn’t the only medal winner at the BC High School Championships. Grade 8 St. Thomas Moore athlete, Kate Stewart-Barnett, was the hardware Queen, running away with three gold medals in the 1500m in a time of 4:50.26, the 3000m in 10:37.02, and as part of the St. Thomas Moore 4×400 relay team. She took home a fourth medal in the high jump after capturing the bronze with a jump of 1.50m, which is even more impressive when you consider she jumped the height moments after completing her 1500m gold medal performance.

Coming in with a double medal performance was Terry Fox, grade 11 athlete, Jv Patry-Smith, who won a pair of senior division bronze medals in the shot put with a personal best put of 10.35m and the discus with another personal best throw of 34.78m. Jv had a trio of personal best performances by also making the finals in the senior girls javelin with a throw of 40.41m, placing her fourth.

Jeremy Belcher won a silver medal in the junior boys triple jump with a personal best of 12.17m. He also made the finals in the 300m hurdles. Max Jones won a bronze medal in the junior boys pole vault, tying his personal best of 3.40m. Lauryn Savela won a bronze medal in the junior girls javelin with a personal best performance of 37.00m.

Rounding out the phenomenal showing of Royal City athletes at the championship meet were senior girls javelin throw finalist, Brianna Bates, with a personal best throw of 39.47m, senior girls 400m finalist Emily Chilton with a personal best of 1:00.58, junior girls hammer throw finalist Zuzanna Liniewski, grade 8 boys javelin finalist, Jaden Knight, junior boys 100m hurdles finalist, Ryan Jensen, junior girls discus finalist, Deirdre Bos, Shea Jenke putting in a personal best performance of 4:46.42 and making the finals in the junior boys 1500m steeplechase, and senior boys javelin throw finalist, Evan Smith, with a personal best throw of 42.16m.

There were also personal best performances from Finnley Cookson in the senior boys pole vault, and Kaitlyn Hanger in both the high jump and hammer throw.