Congratulations RCTFC Senior Graduating Athletes!

Royal City Track & Field Club congratulates Senior javelin thrower Brianna Bates, Senior javelin, hammer, shot put & discus thrower Jenevieve Patry-Smith and Senior steeple chase/distance/cross country runner Grace Fetherstonhaugh for their commitment and dedication to training and competing for Royal City Track & Field Club over the past many years! These three athletes graduated from grade 12 at their respective high schools in June 2018-Congratulations!

You will be missed but the club wishes you well in all of your future endeavors! Please come back to visit your Royal City Track & Field Club fam!

(Shown here, competing at 2017 Legion Youth Nationals in Brandon, Manitoba) One of Thrower Brianna Bates’ current goals is to become a police officer so her immediate plans include working to save up for school and continuing to coach soccer.

(Shown here with Coach/Dad Kevin Smith at the 2018 U18 Jamaican Invitational in Kingston, Jamaica) Thrower Jenevieve Patry-Smith‘s plans include attending UBC as a Computer Science student and athlete on the UBC Track Team. She will be coached by Laurier Primeau.

(shown here at 2017 BC Summer Games in Winnipeg, Manitoba) Grace Fetherstonhaugh‘s immediate plans include studying Science (KIN) at Oregon State University and competing on the track and cross country team, coached by Louie Quintana.

RCTFC athletes break club medal record at BC Athletics Jamboree!

Congratulations to every single one of the RCTFC athletes who competed at the 2018 BC Athletics Jamboree at Percy Perry Stadium in Coquitlam! The Senior athletes are commended for a plethora of personal best, top 8 and medal winning performances backed by these athletes’ commitment to this past year’s strength training and practice sessions! Congratulations to all these athletes and their RCTFC Coaches! 

Kiran Wanniarachchi wins Silver in high jump for 1.80m in U18! Kiran also helped his 4 x 100m to a Bronze in the men’s category!


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As a team, the RCTFC Midget+ aged athletes broke the club medal record at BC Champs this weekend! The RCTFC team won 22 medals!

Katie Stewart-Barnett (right) dominated the meet in the U16 category, winning 4 Gold medals! Stewart-Barnett is shown here with teammate Isabella Brunoro (left) who also had a highlight weekend, winning a pair of Silver medals!

Top 8 & Medal performances included:

  • Hillary Miller’s Silver medal in the open category for discus
  • Jenevieve Patry-Smith‘s Gold in javelin and Bronze in shot put for U18
  • Jarrett Chong won double Gold in javelin and discus and Silver in shot put for U18
  • Jeremy Belcher won Silver for triple jump for U18
  • Lauryn Savela won the Silver medal in javelin for U18
  • Emma Dolman won Bronze in 400m hurdles for U18
  • Ryan Jensen won 4th in 110m hurdles for U18
  • Shea Janke won 4th place in 2000m steeple chase for U18
  • Christina Heslop won 4th in 2000m steeple chase and 7th in 3000m for U18
  • Kiran Wanniarachchi‘s Gold medal in high jump and his contribution on the club’s 4 x 100m Bronze medal and 4th place finish in the 4 x 400m in the men’s category!
  • Kaitlyn Hanger won 5th in Hammer and also 5th in high jump for U18
  • Zuzu Liniewski won 6th in Hammer for U18
  • Constantine Georgas won 7th in 200m for U18
  • Katie Stewart-Barnett‘s 4-count of Gold Medal performances for 1500m steeple chase, 2000m, 1200m and high jump in the U16 category!
  • Isabella Brunoro won Silver in the 1500m steeple chase, Silver in the 2000m and 8th in 800m
  • Ryan Goudron‘s Gold in 1500m steeple chase and trio of Bronze Medals for 300m, 800m and 2000m in the U16 category!
  • Henry Ruckman won Bronze in the 1500m steeple chase and 4th in 2000m!
  • Ella Foster won the Silver medal in pole vault and Bronze in triple jump for U16
  • Kaitlyn Heslop won 8th in 1500m steeple chase for U16
  • Roman Nikolaev won 6th in long jump for U16

Ella Foster competes in pole vault to win Silver in pole vault & Bronze in triple jump

As well, the RCTFC boys’ relay team competed in the men’s category to win the Bronze medal in the 4 x 100m (Gavin Fan, Jeremy Belcher, Kiran Wanniarachchi & Constantine Georgas) and 4th in the 4 x 400m (Ryan Goudron, Karl Arcadi, Henry Ruckman & Kiran Wanniarachchi)! Congratulations to these athletes who all competed in their own gruelling competitions prior to giving it their all in the relays! Way to go boys!

Katie Stewart-Barnett‘s Gold medal winning high jump of 1.65m for U16 girls

Full Result Details at link below:

Standout performances at Trevor Craven by RCTFC athletes!

Congratulations to all the RCTFC athletes who competed at the Trevor Craven meet this past weekend!

Lots of proud moments for so many personal best performances and top finishes in throws, jumps and on the track! 

Coach Highlights from the meet:

  • Congratulations to both Jack Foster and Ella Foster on their new personal bests and Silver and Gold in vault!
  • Kudos to Ryan Goudron and Kate Stewart-Barnett for their Gold medal performances in 1500m sc!
  • Gold Medal for Emma Dolman in 400m H!
  • Congratulations to Jackson Schiebler for his winnings–a trio of Gold medals in 10 year old boys’ category!

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Full details on performances can be viewed here:

Click to access results_trevor_craven_2018.pdf


RCTFC JD Athletes hit the podium at BC JD Pentathlon Championships!

Congratulations to the 42 RCTC JD athletes who competed this past weekend at the BC JD Pentathlon Championships hosted by Ocean Athletics in Surrey, BC!

Mia Gracia, Olivia Robinson, Maiysa Montakhab, Aria Devji, Abby Brolin, Clea Bergeron, Sylvie Hanna, Ellie Yong, Natalie Flood, Zehra Ali, Indira Chiang, Annika Yong, Nikolina Zarkovic, Amara Chiang, Mya Terlicher, Sarah Berhanu, Nathalie Roulston, Raaweya Maghara, Chloe Carlson, Lucia Monti, Sara Fereira, Alison Serban, Marin McDougall, Jacob Billard, Ethan Morrow, Finn Moreland, Shane Beaudoin, Levi Turra, Kairo Chiang, Manny Montakhab, Julian Lauritzen, Ben Williams, Leandro De La Cruz, Noah Brolin, Ryan Barlini, Ross McCrae, James  , Patrick Jessome, Finnigan Bergeron, Marek Laga, Oliver Pope and Nathan Sedore are all to be congratulated for their winning performances, personal best accomplishments and determined efforts!

Highlights on the podium include:

  • Mia Gracia’s Silver for 9 year old girls
  • Olivia Robinson‘s Bronze medal win for 9 year old girls
  • Kairo Chiang‘s Bronze medal win for 13 year old boys

Full Details can be found at the following link:

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RCTFC Throws Athlete hits Youth Olympic Javelin Standard of 66m


Jarrett Chong hit the Youth Olympic standard set by Athletics Canada for U18 Javelin. Jarrett has been chasing the standard since the beginning of the season and has come close on at least one other occasion. He threw the magic mark at the 2018 Pacific Invitational Track Meet in Langley on June 17.

The Youth Olympics are being held in Buenos Aires, Argentina in October. Athletics Canada has yet to name the team or published more details regarding team selection other than publishing the standard.

RCTFC athletes bring in 24 medals at Langley Invitational

Congratulations to all RCTFC athletes who competed at the Langley Invitational this past weekend!

All athletes are congratulated especially to those who accomplished any personal best performances! Recognition also goes out to athletes who made it to the finals in some of those events that had 4 or 5 sections of competitors-it was an especially competitive field at the meet for the JD athletes on the sprints and hurdle events.

As a team, RCTFC won 23 medals!

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Medalists in the throws events included: Jenevieve Patry-Smith who won Gold in Women’s javelin and Bronze in shot put, Jarrett Chong who won Gold in javelin, 9 year old Kiara Penner who won Silver in shot put, 13 year old Nicole Blatherwick who won Silver in hammer throw and 13 year old Lindsay Goudron who won Silver in discus!

On the track, medalists included: Ryan Goudron who won Gold in Midget 300m and Silver in Midget 800m, Gold for Olivia Robinson who won the 9 year old 60m, Silver for Emma Dolman in the Women’s 400mH, Bronze duo for Mia Gracia in the 600m and 60mH for 9 year old girls and Silver for Mballany Kambidi for her performance in the 12 year old 80mH!

RCTFC athletes won multiple jumps events including: Gold for Levi Turra in 13 year old boys’ high jump, Bronze for Elizabeth Blatherwick in 9 year old girls high jump, Silver for Kiran Wanniarachchi in the Midget boys high jump, Silver in Midget girls triple jump and also in pole vault for Ella Foster, Silver and Bronze in 13 year old pole vault for Kairo Chiang and Noah Duke respectively and finally a Bronze medal win for Jeremy Belcher in Men’s triple jump!

For full results and your own personal best times, see the link below:

Congratulations to 2 RCTFC Youth Athletes Named to TEAM CANADA for Jamaican Invitational!


Following very strong competition seasons both in the US and Canada, in both club and BC Highschool Competitions, 2 RCTFC Throws Athletes have been named to Team Canada to compete at the U18 Jamaican Invitational!

Congratulations to Athletes Jv Patry-Smith and Jarrett Chong for their recent selection to the team. The formal announcement was made only today by Athletics Canada. They will travel to Kingston to compete between June 30 and July 2.

RCTFC athletes push limits at Portland Track Festival

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Congratulations to a small cohort of RCTFC distance track runners who ventured to the Lewis & Clark hosted Portland Track Festival to compete amongst a field of experienced & elite athletes!

Ryan Goudron, Ryan Roberts, Henry Ruckman, Christina Heslop, Kaitlyn Heslop and Grace Fetherstonhaugh are to be congratulated for their fine performances in steeple chase, as well as the Mile! Athletes competed in Open, High School and High Performance categories over the weekend! Congratulations on all personal best performances!

Full results can be viewed at this link, which includes final times as well as splits for all competitors:




RCTFC Athletes Run, Jump and Throw big at Jesse Bent!

Congratulations to all RCTFC athletes who competed at the Jesse Bent Track Meet!

All athletes are to be congratulated for their own personal best performances and winning accomplishments!

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RCTFC Medal Highlights from the Meet include:

  • Katie Stewart-Barnett‘s Gold and meet record of 4:54.77 in the 1500m steeple chase for Midget Women
  • JV Patry-Smith‘s Gold in javelin for Youth Women
  • Hillary Miller‘s Silver in Discus in the Open Women
  • Kiran Wanniarachchi‘s Silver in high jump for Midget Men
  • Ryan Jensen‘s Bronze in 110mH for Youth Men
  • Emma Dolman‘s Silver in 400mH for Youth Women
  • Jarret Chong‘s Gold in discus for Youth Men
  • Jeremy Belcher‘s Gold in triple jump for Youth Men
  • Monika Arcadi‘s Bronze in high jump for Midget Women
  • Kairo Chiang‘s Silver in triple jump and Bronze in 100m for 13 boys
  • Levi Turra‘s Bronze in high jump for 13 year old boys
  • Robin Rohu‘s Silver in 200m for 13 year old girls
  • Noah Brolin‘s Bronze in shot put for 12 year old boys
  • Ellie Yong‘s double Silver in 100m and long jump and double Bronze in 60mH and 200m for 11 year old girls
  • Mballany Kambidi‘s duo of Silver in the 80mH and 100m and Bronze in 200m for 12 year old girls
  • Clea Bergeron’s Bronze in 600m for 10 year old girls
  • Talia Phangura‘s Gold in discus for 10 year old girls
  • Jackson Schiebler‘s Silver in 600m for 10 year old boys
  • Ava Forsyth‘s Gold in the 1000m for 10 year old girls
  • Oliver Pope‘s Bronze in 600m for 9 year old boys
  • Olivia Robinson‘s Silver in 60m for 9 year old girls
  • Mia Gracia ‘s Bronze in long jump, 600m and Gold in 1000m for 9 year old girls
  • Aria Devji‘s Silver in 1000m and Bronze in shot put for 9 year old girls
  • Amara Chiang‘s Silver in shot put for 9 year old girls

The RCTFC athletes turned out an incredible showing and you should all be encouraged to look up your results and personal best performances at the following link:

Congratulations to everyone!

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