RCTFC JD Athletes hit the podium at BC JD Pentathlon Championships!

Congratulations to the 42 RCTC JD athletes who competed this past weekend at the BC JD Pentathlon Championships hosted by Ocean Athletics in Surrey, BC!

Mia Gracia, Olivia Robinson, Maiysa Montakhab, Aria Devji, Abby Brolin, Clea Bergeron, Sylvie Hanna, Ellie Yong, Natalie Flood, Zehra Ali, Indira Chiang, Annika Yong, Nikolina Zarkovic, Amara Chiang, Mya Terlicher, Sarah Berhanu, Nathalie Roulston, Raaweya Maghara, Chloe Carlson, Lucia Monti, Sara Fereira, Alison Serban, Marin McDougall, Jacob Billard, Ethan Morrow, Finn Moreland, Shane Beaudoin, Levi Turra, Kairo Chiang, Manny Montakhab, Julian Lauritzen, Ben Williams, Leandro De La Cruz, Noah Brolin, Ryan Barlini, Ross McCrae, James  , Patrick Jessome, Finnigan Bergeron, Marek Laga, Oliver Pope and Nathan Sedore are all to be congratulated for their winning performances, personal best accomplishments and determined efforts!

Highlights on the podium include:

  • Mia Gracia’s Silver for 9 year old girls
  • Olivia Robinson‘s Bronze medal win for 9 year old girls
  • Kairo Chiang‘s Bronze medal win for 13 year old boys

Full Details can be found at the following link:


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