Strong Cross Country JD Series Performances by Royal City Athletes

A record 20 Royal City JD athletes participated in the Cross Country training season this fall, coached by Head Coach Sean Dixon, Coach Nick Parnell and Parent/Coach Charlie Hunter. The athletes trained two nights a week through pretty balmy conditions for cross country this season, with the occasional wet and muddy night at Cariboo Park. Four very keen Track Rascal athletes (Simone Keller, Markus Savela, Adelaide Oldfield and Kinyi Goma) also participated once a week with Coach Margaret Stewart and Assistant Coach Colin Donahoe.

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The cross country program not only provides athletes with some winter conditioning to support their spring season but also sets them up to compete in the Lower Mainland JD Cross Country Series. Comprised of 5 Lower Mainland Cross Country meets, the series helps athletes prepare for the BC Cross Country Championship race. Runners are scored on their 4 best performances.

Fifteen Royal City JD athletes participated regularly in the Lower Mainland JD Cross Country Series meets with very successful results for the Royal City Track and Field Club.

Emily Chilton and Grace Fetherstonhaugh were awarded 2nd place plaques by BC Athletics in the 14 and 13-year old age categories for their top 4 performances in the series which included 5th and 3rd place in their respective age groups at the BC Cross Country Championships. Sarah Forgie took 6th place in the overall series, after competing in just 3 of the series races, following strong 4th place finishes at the Bear Creek and Frank Reynolds meets.  For 13-year old boys, Ian Hunter and Emmanuel Dadson placed 4th and 8th in the series, respectively.

In the 12-year old boys’ category, Shea Janke was awarded the 3rd place plaque by BC Athletics. Jeremy Belcher took 9th place in the series after participating in only 3 runs, with a strong 5th place finish at the Frank Reynolds meet. Newcomer Kelvin Cao placed 10th overall for his participation in the series.

In the 11-year old girls’ category Elizabeth Bowles placed 9th overall in the series, with 3 strong top ten finishes. For points from just 3 races, Lauryn Savela placed 31st out of almost 50 girls competing in this age category.

Milena Kalisch placed 4th overall in the series for 10-year old girls, including a strong 2nd place finish and top ten for all races she competed in for the series.

In the 9-year old girls’ category, Emily Bowles, Kate Bowles and Grace Hodges placed 4th, 10th and 11th in the series overall and for 9-year old boys Richard Cao placed 7th. Emily Bowles’ performances included winning the bronze medal at the BC Cross Country Championships.

Congratulations also to Track Rascal athlete Markus Savela for completing his very first cross country race at the Festival of Cross Country at Crescent Park!

2013 Cross Country Season Kicks Off

Starting September 9th, the Royal City Track and Field Club’s cross country season will kick off. Practices will be held Monday and Wednesday from 5:30 to 6:30 at Cariboo Park (corner of Cariboo Road and 10th Avenue.)

All returning track athletes are welcome – your 2013 registration included the cross country season. New comers are welcome as well. Just visit the registration page.

Royal City Track and Field Club Wins Big at the BC Junior Development Championships in Nanaimo

This past weekend 18 athletes from Royal City Track and Field Club travelled to Nanaimo to compete in the Provincial Junior Development Track and Field Championships for athletes between the ages of 9-13.  The Clubs athletes reached amazing heights with many personal best performances achieved over the course of the weekend.  The club walked away from the meet with a total of 50 awards made up of 18 medals and 32 additional top eight finishes.

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Katelyn Stewart Barnett was the provincial champion in the 10 year old girls 1000 meter run, winning the event with a time of 3:37.71.

Silver medals were won by Grace Fetherstonhaugh in the 2000 meter race, Devin Strome in high jump, Jenevieve Patry-Smith in javelin, Ryan Jensen in the 80 meter hurdles, Jeremy Belcher in the 100 meter dash, 200 meter hurdles and long jump, Emmanuel Dadson in pole vault and Tomas Ward in shot put. The 11 year old girls distance medley relay team made up of Michelle Dadson, Anaiyah Bernier, Lauryn Savela and Elizabeth Bowles also won silver.

Bronze medals were won by Katelyn Stewart Barnett in both the 600 meter run and high jump, Grace Fetherstonhaugh in the 1200 meter, Jenevieve Patry-Smith in shot put, Michelle Dadson in Discus and Ryan Jensen in the 200 meter hurdles.  The 10 year old girls 4×100 relay team made up of Kaia Polanska-Richardson, Annette Scott, Malena Kalisch and Katelyn Stewart-Barnett took bronze as did boys 13 year old relay team made up of Jeremy Belcher, Ryan Jensen, Tomas Ward and Emmanuel Dadson.

There were an additional 32 top eight finishes achieved by the following club athletes: Anaiyah Bernier, Malena Kalisch, Elizabeth Bowles, Amanda Scott, Grace Fetherstonhaugh, Devin Strome, Jenevieve Patry-Smith, Michelle Dadson, Brianna Bates, Joelle Pinvidic, Lauryn Savela, Ryan Jensen, Emmanuel Dadson, Jeremy Belcher and the 13 year old girls relay team made up of Brianna Bates, Grace Fetherstonhaugh, Amanda Scott and Devin Strome who placed 4th in both the distance medley relay and the 4×100.

Also worth mentioning, the following athletes met B.C. Athletics Awards Standard: Grace Fetherstonhaugh in the 2000 meter and Jeneviève Patry-Smith in both javelin and discus.

Royal City Track Squad Face the Heat in Kelowna

Over the July 1st long weekend, a group of Royal City Track athletes attended the 2013 Jack Brow Memorial Track Meet in Kelowna.

9 year old rookie, Kaia Richardson Polanska, competed in the 60m dash, 60m hurdles, and shot put. David Patry-Smith, competing in the 10 year old boys category, ran the 600m, 60m hurdles, high jump, long jump, shot put, and discus, coming away with a top 8 ribbon in all but one event. 11 year old Anaiyah Bernier made the rounds in all the event areas competing in the 60m, 200m (winning a bronze medal in both,) 100m, 600m, high jump, long jump, and shot put. Jeremy Belcher, representing the 12 year old boys, took home a bronze medal in the 100m, 200m and long jump, a gold in both the 300m race and 200m hurdles, and he also competed in the javelin. Also representing the 12 year old boys, Shea Janke, took home a pair of bronze medals in the 800m and 1200m races.

Devin Strome, the only 13 year old girl from the club, collected a silver medal in the 200m hurdles, broke a pesky personal best in the high jump to win gold with a jump of 1.45m, and repeated the gold medal performance in long jump. She also competed in the 300m. A year up, newcomer, Sarah Chandler, competed in the 200m hurdles and long jump. Her hurdles performance earned her a 7th place ribbon.

16 year old Kinsey Weir, competed in the 100m hurdles, triple jump, and pole vault. She won silver in the vault and placed 5th in triple jump.

And last but not least, coaches, Alex Bouzane and Kevin Smith kept their tradition of competing in the vault at the Jack Brow alive. They both took home medals in the 40-44 age category, with Alex taking the competition with an impressive jump of 4.00m and Kevin finishing second with a jump of 3.20m.

Small Contingent Scores Big at the Langley Pacific Invitational

A smaller Royal City Track contingent competed at the Langley Pacific Invitational Track Meet, June 14-16, 2013 but put in some big performances.

Athletes that finished in the top eight in their events were:

Emma Celle 8th in the 11 year old girls 60m, 5th in both the 200m and long jump, and 6th in the shot put. Newcomer 11 year old girl, Lauryn Savela, although not top eight had a strong showing in javelin finishing 9th and jumping 1.15m in high jump. Cohort, Michelle Dadson finished 8th in shot put.

Among the 12 year olds, Amanda Scott placed 5th in the 1200m. Shianne Lowka put in a well rounded performance with a 4th in high jump with an impressive jump of 1.30m, 5th in discus, 3rd in javelin, and a 7th in shot put. Jeneviève Patry-Smith finished 8th in high jump, 3rd in discus, 2nd in javelin, and 4th in shot put. And newcomer and rookie hammer thrower, Joelle Pinvidic threw to a 5th place finish.

On the boys side, Maxwell Jones placed 3rd in the hammer throw with an impressive 18.48m throw. He also finished 4th in the 100m.

Amongst the 13 year olds, there were strong showings by the girls. Grace Fetherstonhaugh placed 1st in the 2000m and 2nd in the 1200m. Devin Strome placed 2nd in high jump and 8th in long jump. Deirdre Bos placed 7th in the discus and Brianna Bates had a strong throws meet by finishing 2nd in the javeline with a throw of 21.19m. She also placed 5th in the shot put.

Shea Jenke, representing the 13 year old boys, had a very strong meet placing 5th in the 200m, 2nd in the 1200m, and demonstrating versatility by finishing 3rd in long jump with an impressive rookie jump of 4.11m. Emmanuel Dadson placed 5th in the 100m and 4th in the 200m. Ian Hunter further proved his multi-event capabilities by placing 8th in 100m, 3rd in high jump, 3rd in long jump, and 3rd in javelin with a fantastic throw of 26.89m.

Into the midget girls, Emily Chilton placed 5th in 1200m and 3rd in 2000m, while Brianne Lowka had a strong meet finishing 6th in long jump, 5th in discus, and an impressive 3rd in her debut as a pole vaulter with 2.00m jump.

Kinsey Weir, the only youth aged athlete finished 2nd in the pole vault with a new personal best jump of 2.90m.

Royal City Results From the 2013 Jesse Bent Memorial Track Meet

Royal City Track and Field athletes put out some stellar performances at the Jesse Bent meet in Coquitlam, June 8-9, 2013. The 27 athletes in a mixed squad of girls and boys in the JD and Midget age groups combined for a total of 31 medals, 5 gold, 11 silver and 15 bronze! As well, a total of 45 top 8 finishes were achieved.

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Jenvieve Patry- Smith led the medal charge by winning 6 medals total! 3 silvers in each of shotput, javelin and high jump, 2 bronze in hammer and discus, and a gold for 800m race walk. Max Jones not to be out done, collected 5 medals also. 2 silvers, one for 80m hurdles and the other for 200m hurdles. His 3 bronze medals came in 100m sprint, javelin and hammer throw. Grace Fetherstone-Haugh in the girls 1200m race set a blistering pace from the start and not only finished with a gold medal but also a provincial record for 12yr old girls! Team mate Grace Vanee in the same race followed up with a convincing bronze medal win. And Emily Chilton in the next age group up one a bronze medal for the same distance. Kate Stewart-Barnett continued her winning ways by running to gold in the 10 yr old girls 600m race and jumping to first in her girls High jump! Pole Vaulter Kinsey Weir jumped to a bronze medal and achieving a personal best.

Other notable performances were; Devon Strome girls high jump silver. Ryan Jensen boys 80m hurdles bronze. Jeremy Belcher boys 200m hurdles bronze. Malena Kalisch girls 600m and 1000m, bronze in each. Amanda Scott girls 300m and 800m race, bronze in each. Brianne Lowka girls Javelin, bronze.

Royal City Athletes Compete at the BC High Schools

Both Emily Chilton and Kinsey Weir recently competed at the BC High School Track and Field Championships.

14 year old Chilton, competing for Glenbrook Middle School in New Westminster, finished 11th in the 1500m run with a time of 5:03.90 running against a field of 15 year old athletes. She also finished 9th in the 3000m run with a time of 11:07.77.

Kinsey Weir, grade 10 student at Killarney Secondary School in Vancouver, finished 9th in pole vault with a personal best jump of 2.60m. She also competed in the triple jump. The future is bright for Kinsey as she competed at the senior level and still has two more years to climb the results list.

Weir Starts Season Strong in Vault

Kinsey Weir, Royal City’s youth women’s pole vaulter, has started her competitive season strongly. After opening the season with a 2.45m jump at the Dogwood meet in Victoria, Kinsey pushed the bar higher recently at the 2013 Kamloops Centennial meet with a jump of 2.50m and a second place finish.

She also finished third in the triple jump with a jump of 9.46m.

Her father and Royal City pole vault coach, Alex Bouzane, also competed in pole vault in the master’s age category and put in an impressive performance with a jump of 4.10m.

Royal City Best Track Club in Metro Vancouver at 2013 Junior Olympics

The Royal City Track and Field Club’s junior development athletes finished fourth in the team standing at the 2013 South Fraser Junior Olympics meet held at Bear Creek Park in Surrey on May 18th and 19th. They finished just seven points back of the team hosting the meet, South Fraser. Finishing in the top two spots were the perennially strong and very large Langley Mustangs team and the other Surrey club, Oceans Athletics.

The girls’ team, who won the meet in 2012, couldn’t hold off the massive numbers of the Langley Mustangs and fell to second spot. Meanwhile the boys’ team finished 8th overall out of 20 teams.

Individually, Royal City athlete, Katelyn Stewart-Barnett, won the top 10 year old girl of the meet by finishing 1st in the 600m, 1,000m, high jump and 4th in the long jump.

Newcomer Annette Scott finished 6th in the 10 year old girls 60m sprint. Teammate Anaiyah Bernier, matched the performance in the 11 year old girls category. Anaiyah and Elizabeth Bowles both raced in the finals of the 100m sprint, finishing 4th and 8th, respectively. Anaiyah turned in a 7th place performance in the 200m sprint. Annette’s older sister, Amanda, finished 7th in the 12 year old girls 100m sprint. Newcomer Joelle Pinvidic joined Amanda in the 200m finals with Amanda finishing a strong 4th and Joelle in 8th. Rounding out the girls sprints, Devin Strome and Grace Fetherstonhaugh, finished 5th and 6th, respectively in the 13 year old girls 300m sprint.

In the middle distances, 9 year old rookie, Milena Kilesch, finished 7th in the 600m. In the 11 year old category of the race, Elizabeth Bowles finished 6th. At the 800m distance, which the 12 year olds run, Amanda Scott picked up a 4th place finish. The Royal City 13 year olds dominated the same distance with Grace Fetherstonhaugh finishing 1st followed by Grace Vanee at 4th and Taylor Morrison in 7th.

At the 1,000m distance Milena picked up a 4th place finish with the 9 year olds. Emma Stewart-Barnett and Joelle Pinvidic finished 4th and 8th respectively at the 1,200m distance in the 12 year old girls category. The two Graces, Grace Fetherstonhaugh and Grace Vanee dominated the 1,200m with a 1st and 2nd, respectively, with Fetherstonhaugh finishing a full 20 seconds ahead of the rest of the field.

The girls did well in the field as well. Anaiyah jumped a personal best in high jump to finish 7th. Jeneviève Patry-Smith and Emma Stewart-Barnett tied at 7th in the 12 year old girls high jump. Devin Strome finished 3rd in the 13 year old girls category and Milena finished 6th in the long jump. The 11 year olds, Anaiyah, Emma Celle, and Michelle Dadson, all finished in the top 8 in the long jump and Emma following suite for the 12 year olds. Devin Strome finished in a strong 3rd in the 13 year old girls long jump.

Michelle Dadson threw to a second place finish in the 11 year old girls shot put. Jeneviève and Emma both finished in the top 8 amongst the 12 year olds. Michelle took the top spot in the discus with a very strong throw of over 21m. Jeneviève finished second for the 12 year olds and Emma cracked the top 8 as well.

On the boys’ team, 9 year old rookie, Cameron Dewith, finished fourth in the 60m sprint. For the 12 year olds, Max Jones and Jeremy Belcher finished 3rd and 5th, respectively, in the 100m sprint. Both boys also finished in the top 8 in the 200m, as well. Jeremy braved the 300m alone and pulled in another top 8 performance.

In the middle distances, Cameron had a strong 3rd place showing in the 600m. Shea Jenke finished 7th in the 800m in the 12 year old boys category. Shea and Jeremy shared spots in the top 8 for the 1,200m.

In the field, 10 year old, David Patry-Smith, cracked the top 8 in the high jump with a personal best. For the 12 year olds, both Max Jones and Noah Slotman joined the top 8 in the high jump. The 12 year old boys, Max, Jeremy, and Ryan Jensen took most of the top 8 spots in the long jump with Jeremy holding the top spot amongst them at 3rd. Ryan also placed in the top 8 in shot put and discus with Noah joining him in discus.