Track Technical Day A Success

20140426-183705.jpgOn April 26th, Royal City Track & Field Club held their first all-day track technical clinics for the athletes in the club. Athletes from ages 8 and up received individual coaching attention in all the technical events: hurdles, shot put, discus, javelin, long, triple and high jump, and pole vault.

To celebrate the success of the day, we have an online contest:

Guess which shoe belongs to which coach.

5 thoughts on “Track Technical Day A Success

  1. Running shoe guess:
    purple-Coach Cristina, red-Coach Nick, orange-Coach Kevin, white-Coach Francis, blue-Coach Sean

  2. Red: Coach Gina, Blue: Coach Sean, Purple: Coach Christina, Orange: Coach Kevin, White: Coach Francis

  3. Running shoe guess:

    Orange-shoe: Kevin
    White-shoe : Frances
    Red-shoe : Jason
    Purple-shoe: Cristina
    Blue-shoe: Nick

    • Blue Sean

      Red Nick

      White Francis

      Orange Kevin

      Purple Christina

  4. Running shoes guess:
    Coaches Shoe colour
    Sean. Blue
    Christina. Purple
    Kevin. Orange
    Frances. White
    Jason. Red

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