RCTFC JD Athletes compete at BC JD Pentathlon Championships!

Congratulations to the 22 RCTFC JD athletes who competed at the 2019 BC JD Pentathlon Championships in Surrey on July 13.

Esha Basi, Emily Forsyth, Nova Peters, Mahea Terepocki Grant, Elizabeth Blatherwick, Amara Chiang, Mia Gracia, Maiysa Montakhab, Olivia Robinson, Abby Brolin, Maresa Loconte, Ellie Yong, Zehra Ali, Indira Chiang, Nathalie Flood, Lishan Melles-Hewitt, Lorenzo Loconte, Benjamin Mackinnon, Ethen Morrow, Nathan Sedore, Marek Laga and Matthew Terepocki Grant are all to be congratulated on a job well done!

Highlights on the podium include:

  • Ellie Yong’s Silver for 12 year old girls
  • Mia Gracia’s Bronze for 10 year old girls

Notable mention goes out to Amara Chiang. At the start of the 600m race she and another runner fell at the start, Amara got up, dusted herself off and restarted in her heat again! Gutsy performance!

Full results can be found at the below link:

Click to access OverallBCJDCommitteePoints-2019BCJDPent.pdf