RCTFC JD athletes light it up on the track and in the field at BC Athletics JD Championships!

Jackson Schiebler and Ava Forsyth dominated the distance races in the 10 year old category

Congratulations to the 19 RCTFC JD athletes who competed very well at the 2018 BC JD Champs in Kelowna!

The team hauled in 21 medals at the meet! More than 75 top 8 performances and many personal best performances were also accomplished! Well done team!

Congratulations also to the 12 year old girls’ 4 X 100m relay team (Lishan Melles-Hewitt, Zehra Ali, Indira Chiang and Mballany Kambidi) for their Gold medal win!

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Medal highlights and top performances from the meet included:

  • Mia Gracia‘s (9 year old girls) trio of Silver medals in the 600m, 1000m and long jump as well as 5th place in high jump and 60mH and 6th place in 60m
  • Amara Chiang’s (9 year old girls) Bronze in shot put as well as 7th place in 60m and 8th place in 60m and 100m
  • Ava Forsyth‘s (10 year old girls) Gold medal in the 600m and Silver in the 1000m and 7th place in 60mH
  • Olivia Robinson‘s (10 year old girls) Silver medal in high jump and Bronze medal in long jump and 4th place in 100m
  • Mballany Kambidi’s (12 year old girls) Silver in 200m, 4th place in 100m and 6th place in 80mH
  • Lishan Melles-Hewitt‘s (12 year old girls) Bronze in 1200m and 5th place in 800m and long jump
  • Jackson Schiebler‘s (10 year old boys) Gold in 600m and Silver in 1000m, 4th in 60m and 5th in 100m
  • Marek Laga‘s (10 year old boys) Bronze in the 60mH, 6th place in 600m and 7th in 100m, long jump and high jump
  • Noah Brolin‘s (12 year old boys) Silver in high jump, 4th place in shot put, 5th in 200m and 7th in 800m
  • Noah Duke‘s (12 year old boys) Bronze in pole vault, 4th in 800m and 7th in pole vault
  • Levi Tuura‘s (13 year old boys) Bronze in high jump, 6th in shot put and pole vault, 5th in discus and 7th in javelin
  • Kairo Chiang’s (13 year old boys) Bronze medals in triple jump, 80mH, 200m and 300m, 4th in pole vault and long jump and 100m

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Congratulations also go to the following athletes for their top 8 performances:

  • 9 year old Raaweya Maghera who won 6th place in 60mH and 8th place in high jump
  • 13 year old Lindsay Goudron who won 4th place in discus and 8th place in javelin
  • Zehra Ali (12 year old) won 7th place in 800m
  • Indira Chiang (12 year old) won 4th in shot put, 5th in 80m and 7th in 200m
  • Mathew Terepochi Grant (10 year old) won 6th in high jump and 7th place in 60mH and shot put
  • Finn Janke (11 year old) won 4th place in 1000m and 6th place in 600m

Full result details can be found at the following link: