Update on COVID19

RCTFC athletes and parents,

This has been an unprecedented last few weeks and the only certainty is that there will continue to be more changes. We all have been inundated with correspondence regarding COVID-19 and this leads us to ask how this affects my family and their activities.

Royal City Track and Field Club continues to prepare for our upcoming season, beginning 02 April for the JD’s and older, and 07 April for the Rascals.  Although some meets and clinics have been cancelled or postponed, over Spring Break we do have continuing specialized practice for our older athletes as communicated by your coaches.

While we continue to refer to advisory notices and regulations set by Federal and Provincial Health Authorities, we are also are directed by our governing body, BC Athletics, and the owners of the facilities that we use.  At this time, all are in agreement that we can and should continue.  In fact, Dr. Henry, our Provincial Medical Health Officer, said we should all go outside and play.  Some of our practices are indoors and those have now been cancelled.

For the next two weeks we request that all athletes and parents follow the COVID-19 protocols being advised by our health authorities, as our coaches will also be doing.

Do not come to practice if you or a family member, or other people you have been in contact with have experienced cold or flu like symptoms or have returned within the last 14 days from travel from outside of Canada.

We will be in touch closer to the start of the season with updates as to how our club’s training will be affected, if at all, based on the current instruction we receive.

Best Regards,

Ian Coutts

President, Royal City Track & Field Club