RCTFC juniors compete at varsity Emilie Mondor meet

Congratulations to all the RCTFC athletes for their performances at the 2017 Emilie Mondor Invitational meet April 8th. These high school athletes were competing against varsity athletes as well as other high school athletes from Norwesters, Langley Track & Field Club and the Harriers.

Throwers included Zuzanna Liniewski (hammer), JV Patry-Smith (javelin, discus), Brianna Bates (javelin), Evan Smith (javelin) and Joelle Pinvidic (hammer).

Emily Chilton (800m), Grace Fetherstonhaugh (1500m and 2000m SC), Gavin Fan (200m and 400m), Daniel Yu (800m), Shea Janke (1500m) and Charles Yu (1500m) competed on the track.

Jeremy Belcher rounded out the group by competing in the jumps (triple jump).


Despite wind and heavy rain, JV Patry-Smith placed 5th in the discus (27.90) and 5th in javelin (33.18), Brianna Bates took 7th for javelin (33.18) and Joelle Pinvidic placed 5th in hammer (35.69). Jeremy Belcher took 4th place in triple jump. Grace Fetherstonhaugh took 1st place in the 2000m steeplechase and topped the meet record of 7:06:46 by running the event in 7:00:74.

Full results can be found at the following link:


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