Royal City Track XC runners top Highschool XC Provincials

Shea Janke, Tomas Ward, Emily Chilton and Grace Fetherstonhaugh of Royal City competed Sat, November 1st at the BC XC Championships representing their highschools!image

Highlights included Emily Chilton’s 13th place finish and Grace Fetherstonhaugh’s 3rd place finish in the Junior category, out of 171 competitors in the girls category.

In the boys’ category, out of 176 runners, Shea Janke and Tomas Ward both represented the club very well, with Shea, gr 8, competing against gr 9s and 10s in the junior category and placing 81st.

Royal City Track and Field Club Athletes win well at XC Champs

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Royal City Track and Field Club was well represented at the BC Athletics’ Provincial Cross Country Championships at Clearbrook Park in Abbotsford on October 25 with 16 athletes competing at the event.

In the 9 year old boys’ category, Angus Steele, took 1st place.

For 10 year old girls, Monika Arcadi placed 10th, Emily Bowles took 4th, and Kate Bowles and Grace Hodges took 18 and 19 place amongst athletes from all over the province.

For 11-year old girls, Kate Stewart-Barnett, Milena Kalisch and Maria Kim took 2nd, 3rd and 6th place.

For 12-year old girls, Sabine Girt took 6th, Ella Fetherstonhaugh took 9th and Emma Dolman won 15th.

For 13 year old boys’, Shea Janke took 5th place in the province.

For 14 year old girls, Grace Fetherstonhaugh and Ashlynne Stairs took 3rd and 5th place.

In the 15 year old girls agegroup Emily Chilton won 7th.

Congratulations also to Prachi Brahmbhatt for competing well in her first cross country race with Royal City Track and Field Club.

The following athletes should also be recognized for winning one of the BC Athletics’ plaques for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in the Lower Mainland Series races overall in their respective age-groups (best 4 performances, including championships, from 6 races in the fall series):

  • Angus Steele-9 year old boys’-1st place plaque
  • Kate Stewart-Barnett-11 year old girls’-2nd place plaque
  • Shea Janke-13 year old boys’-2nd place plaque
  • Grace Fetherstonhaugh-14 year old girls’-1st place plaque
  • Ashlynne Stairs-14 year old girls’-2nd place plaque
  • Milena Kalisch-11 year old girls’-4th place in the series
  • Emily Chilton-15 year old girls’-4th place in the series

5 Royal City Athletes Recognized at JD Awards Banquet for Track 2014

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For achieving BC Athletics Award Standard for their performances on the track and field circuit during the 2014 season, the following Royal City Track and Field Club JD athletes were recognized at the 2014 JD BC Athletics Award Banquet:

  • Jenvieve Patry-Smith-Discus (31.17m), Javelin (36.43m), Shot Put (10.53m)
  • Michelle Dadson-Discus (26.04m)
  • Milena Kalisch-1000m (3:22:55)
  • Kate Stewart-Barnett 1000m (3:22:74)
  • Angus Steele-600m (1:51:75) and 1000m (3:22:10)

Royal City Athletes run Festival of Cross Country


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Royal City Track and Field Club Cross Country athletes ran strong at the Festival of Cross Country Saturday, October 4.

Highlights included: 1st for Angus Steele in 9-year old boys’ , 4th and 9th for Emily Bowles and Monika Arcadi for 10-year old girls, 3rd and 5th place for Kate Stewart-Barnett and Milena Kalisch in the 11-year old girls’ category, 6th and 9th for Sabine Girt and Elizabeth Bowles for 12-year old girls, 2nd for 13-year old Shea Janke, 1st and 3rd for 14-year old Grace Fetherstonhaugh and Ashlynne Stairs, and 4th for 15-year old Emily Chilton.

Royal City Track athletes take lead at South Fraser and Whistler XC Series Races

Congratulations to all Royal City Track and Field Club kids who competed at the Cross Country Series Races over the weekend of September 27/28th.

At Bear Creek Park, 17 RCTFC athletes turned out in force to compete in the South Fraser hosted meet. Congratulations to Sabine Girt, Ella F, Milena Kalisch, Emily Chilton, Grace F, Ashlynne Stairs, Monika Arcadi, Keenan Clark, Emma Dolman, Shea Janke, Maria Kim, Grace Hodges, and Emily, Kate and Elizabeth Bowles for their competitive spirit on the course.

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Highlights included a 4th place finish for Emily Chilton in the 15 year old girls’ category, a 1st and 2nd place finish for Grace Fetherstonhaugh and newcomer Ashlynne Stairs in the 14 year old girls’ category, a 1st place finish for Shea Janke in the 13 year old boys’ category and 3rd for Milena Kalisch in the 11 year old girls’ agegroup.ashgracemsfaserxc

Congratulations to Track Rascals Liv Russo, Christina Hodges and Kelsey Clark for their courageous performances.

On the Sunday, 9 Royal City Track and Field Club athletes (Paige Deedman, Emma Dolman, Milena Kalisch, Kate Stewart-Barnett, Monika Arcadi, Angus Steele, Ashlynne Stairs, Ella and Grace Fetherstonhaugh) travelled up to the Whistler Olympic Park to compete in the Whistler Spirit Run. Strong performances were ran by all!

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Highlights included Angus Steele’s 2nd place finish in the 9 year old boys’ category and 3rd place overall in the (9-12 year old event), Kate Stewart-Barnett’s 3rd place finish and Milena Kalisch’s 4th place finish in the 11 year old girls’ category, and Grace Fetherstonhaugh’s 2nd place finish and Ashlynne Stairs’ 3rd place finish in the 14 year old girls’ category.gracehodges


Royal City Athletes Perform at First XC Season Race

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Royal City Track and Field Club athletes showed strong representation for the club at the September 20th Pinetree Classic XC meet in Coquitlam with 15 athletes competing in the 2.5 to 4.0km events.

Highlights included: a first place finish for Grace Fetherstonhaugh in the 14-year old girls’ category, a 4th place finish for Emily Chilton in the 15-year old age-group, 2nd place for 13-year old Shea Janke, 6th place for Sabine Girt (12-year old girls), 4th place for Milena Kalisch and 6th place for Maria Kim (11-year old girls) and 1st place for 9-year old Angus Steele who competed against the 10-year olds as well and finished first in the event overall.

Congratulations to the following athletes who were competing in their first xc race as a Royal City Track and Field Club athlete: Monika Arcadi, Keenan Clark, Paige Deedman, Emma Dolman, Ella Fetherstonhaugh, Sabine Girt, Maria Kim and Angus Steele.

Good luck Kinsey from all of us!

Coaches and athletes of Royal City Track and Field Club want to bid a fond farewell to club athlete Kinsey Weir! Kinsey is off to Saskatchewan for her final year of high school, then onto university, with plans to continue her training in pole vault in Saskatchewan.

Kinsey joined RCTFC in 2008 and began competing in sprints, hurdles, high jump, long jump, triple jump, javelin, cross country running and eventually trained in pole vault which has become a passion and a main focus for her.

Kinsey has represented herself and her club remarkably well in this venue over the years with performance achievements at BC High School Championships, BC Summer Games, National Youth Championships and a multitude of various other track club sponsored meets.

On behalf of the entire Royal City Track and Field Club, we wish Kinsey well in her studies and her future athletic endeavors! We are certain we will hear from and about her from time to time on the track and field circuit.

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Royal City Track Athletes Compete at Nationals


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Congratulations to the 10 Royal City Track and Field Club athletes who competed at the Legion Canadian Youth Championships August 15-17 in Langley. The athletes were: Emmanuel Dadson, Devin Strome, Lauren Vanee, Brianna Bates, Emily Chilton, Grace Fetherstonhaugh, Prachi Brahmbhatt, Kinsey Weir, Taylor Morrison and Jenevieve Patry-Smith.

Highlights included Taylor Morrison’s Silver medal in the 1500m race walk event, Devin Strome’s 8th place finish in high jump and Kinsey Weir’s 6th place finish in pole vault. Brianna Bates also deserves recognition for making it into finals with her performance in javelin.

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Cross Country with Royal City Track & Field begins September

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All Royal City Track and Field Club athletes are eligible and encouraged to participate in the Cross Country Program available through the club at no extra cost.

New members are welcome to join in September for the Cross Country Program with Royal City Track and Field Club with the option of only participating in the fall Cross Country Program at a reduced membership fee or they can choose to have their Cross Country fees contribute to a full Royal City Track and Field Club membership for the following spring track season.

Please visit the following links for more information about registration and the practice schedule for the cross country season.

Spirit of Competition and Sportsmanship Alive and Well at Royal City Track and Field Club

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Royal City Track and Field Club athletes represented the club very well at the BC JD Championship Meet at Bear Creek Park, Surrey July 26-27. Royal City athletes won 23 medals over the two days and more than 30 top 8 performances were demonstrated over the weekend. Head Coach Sean Dixon also commented that the spirit of competition and sportsmanship was alive and well amongst the athletes. It was a powerhouse weekend for the club!

In the 13 year old category highlights included Amanda Scott’s silver medal in the 300m and bronze for her performance in the 800m, as well as, Joelle Pinvidic’s top 10 performance in the 200m dash. Jenevieve Patry-Smith took home 3 medals, including bronze for pole vault and shot put and a silver for javelin. JV also accomplished 4th place for both discus and hammer throw! Max Jones took home a gold medal for pole vault and a bronze for 80m hurdles, and he placed top 8 in both 200m hurdles and 200m dash, as well as high jump. Jeremy Belcher took bronze for triple jump, placed 4th for 200m hurdles and placed top 8 for 80m hurdles and long jump. Ryan Jensen won 4th place for his performance in 80m hurdles. A shout out also goes to Shae Janke who came out to support his club while recovering from injury!

In the 12 year old age-group, highlights included Lauryn Savela’s huge pb in javelin, throwing 25.08m which earned her a strong 4th place and her 5th place finish in discus! Elizabeth Bowles’ won a pair of bronze medals for the 800m and the 1200m. Michelle Dadson won a bronze medal for the 800m RW and placed 6th for shot put and 7th for long jump and Emma Dolman won 10th for her performance in the 300m.

In the 10 and 11 year old girls’ category, highlights were rampant. Katie Stewart-Barnett performed a personal best in every event she entered. Her gold medal win in the 1000m which was an exciting fight to the finish with the second place runner earned her a BC Athletics JD Standard. Katie also took silver for her pb performance in high jump and placed 4th in the 600m. Milena Kalisch won a trio of bronze medals in 600m, 800m RW and 1000m! Stewart-Barnett and Kalisch finished the season ranked 1st and 2nd in BC for their agegroup in the 1000m and 3rd and 4th in the 600m with pb’s less than 1/10th of a second apart in both events. Riley Storms accomplished many personal best performances and competed in a whopping 6 events, highlights being her 9th place finish in javelin and 13th for both shot put and the 200m dash! Annette Scott finished 13th in the 100m and took home a silver medal for her run in the medley relay! Emily Bowles took home a silver medal for her performance in the 1000m and immediately (literally 3 minutes later) went on to accomplish a huge pb in long jump (her first over 3m); she also finished 4th in the 600m.

Best team spirited performance was by Grace Hodges (otherwise known within the club as G3) who stepped up to run in the 11 year old girls’ 4 x 100m relay when the team was down a girl (Katie S-Barnett was busy jumping her way to a new pb and silver medal in high jump). Because of this, the team, which also included Kate Bowles, Riley Storms and Milena Kalisch, went on to race to a provincial bronze medal! Hodges also competed in 5 other events over the weekend; her 10th place finish in javelin was a highlight amongst many person best performances. The medley relay in the 11 year old girls’ category, comprised of Storms, Scott, Kalisch and Stewart-Barnett, also won silver for their performance!

Dominating on the track in the 9 year old boys’ category, Angus Steele took home 4 medals, winning gold in the 600m and 1000m (leading start to finish in both races), silver in the 60m and bronze in the 100m dash.

Congratulations to all the Royal City athletes who performed at the JD Champs for their strong showing of competition and sportsmanship.